Torres - Riozzese 3 - 1

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The Torres takes the field with a 4-3-3 forced to see the return of the 11 owners of Gloria Sotgia as a central defense and the progress of Alessia Ledda at three in the midfield.
At 7 'a very high and deep cross of Captain Claudia Carta is likely to surprise the goalkeeper Vignati watching the ball go off a few inches from the pole. Ten minutes later from an action on the right wing comes the first goal of the race. Splendid and millimetrical Alessia Ledda's cross that finds the head of Elisa Farris, in its second seasonal goal, which puts it to the right of the impolite goalkeeper of the Riozzese.

The offensive forcing of Torres continues that launches a lightning-fast counterattack with Maria Grazia Ladu who is face to face with Vignati: the Sarule striker tries the lob overtaking the extreme defender and gives to the large public only the illusion of the goal . After opaque and unemotional matches, today's game seems to be different and so at 31 'a one-two in the area between Ladu and Farris lights up again when the #11 rossoblù coldly bags celebrating in the best way his 17esimo birthday.

La Riozzese tries to appear in the midfield well presided over by the 4 line composed of Sanna, Sotgia, Congia and Carta and at 32 'it's just a miracle of Beth Griffiths on a pitch in the Lombard to keep the inviolate door.

A few minutes later is still Torres show: Giulia Grassino launched towards the door is pulled down by Captain Rosanero Di Giulio. Warning for the Lombard and on the disk Alessia Ledda shows that waiting for the right step of Vignali to displace it and sign the 3-0. Game apparently already closed in the first fraction until the 41 'minute in which Gloria Sotgia lands in the attack area rosanero and for the referee is a penalty. From the 11 meters is the #19 Postiglione that sends the opportunity to shorten wide to the right of Beth Griffiths.

The second half starts again from the 3-0 and with the change of the captain Di Giulio for the #14 Varotti. Mister Angelillo's girls are more open-minded by attacking a Torres that takes a breath but organizes to keep the result: at 51 'is a Trojan foray to scare Beth Griffiths but the English goalkeeper is not fooled and holds back. A few moments later Trojan is still in front of Griffiths, who once again wins the challenge. Turn of change for the Riozzese and minutes interlocutors in which little happens if not a lot of long balls from the visiting team. It is the 77 'when Grumelli is expelled leaving his companions in 10 to try the comeback that finds his attempt in the second seasonal marking for Oleotti that exceeds the extreme defender rossoblù in lob. An action by part of Ladu and Edoci close the challenge.

In the single photo Alessia Ledda author of a goal on a penalty and the assist for the first marking of Farris

Female Torres: Griffiths, Sotgia, Ledda, Congia, Carta, Sanna, Domi, Cocco, Ladu, Grassino, Farris.
A disp: Porcheddu, Razzu, Catte, Monti, Peddio

Riozzese: Vignati, Varesi, Di Giulio, Tugnoli, Straniero, Grumelli, Postiglione, Ubbiali, Edoci, Troiano, Montuoro.
Available: Oleotti and Varotti

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ASDFC Sassari Torres Female
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