Tuesday, December 10 2019
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Castelvecchio of strength on a good Imola

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Return to victory the Castelvecchio inside the walls of the former municipal stadium in Via Galvani and choose the right day against the Imola on a cold day with the sky that does not provide anything good.
Immediately Castelvecchio, close to the net with a great shot from the edge of Deidda lapping the crossbar in the second minute.
A minute later and Zani always from the edge and this time the ball shaves the crossbar.

Dangerous the castelvecchio at 5 ', Carlini's launch for Petralia at the edge of the area, assists x Casadei crosses the center where Zani arrives but weakly kicks.
Ninth minute shows the Imola with a great volley of Finotello that touches the crossbar.
Still ahead the Castel with the ubiquitous Petralia to '11 °, launches on the Casadei band assist at the center where he pounces Zani, kicking his neck for Iraci.

It is a real assault on the Imolese gate by the girls of Mister Varchetta, who deservedly pass the 15 'lead; punishment beaten by Carlini x Casadei who relies on Petralia this right inflates the net. All very nice.
Counter-host at the 18 ', he goes Colasuonno all alone towards the door of Pacini, the latter comes to the limit and can not anticipate the danger of a dangerous action of the tip Imolese, escaped danger.

Penalty minute 22 'x Petralia knockdown, the same on the ball and Iraci rejects the ball on the pole, pushing it away.
The goalkeeper repeats two minutes later, Nagni for Casadei who wins a contrast to the limit, enters the area kick and it is good once again Iraci to postpone.
Always the yellow-forward forward at 38 'cross from the right of Deidda on the ball Pastore who tries a lob with the ball that ends up a little high on the crossbar.
It is close to doubling the Castelvecchio at 42 'with Casadei who hits the post on the right hand side of Iraci from the edge.
The double advantage network comes to an end; excellent exchange in the area Zani Nagni with a final shot of this that strikes the goalkeeper and gives a sigh of relief to the athletes present.
The first half ends with the advantage of the Castelvecchio sull'Imolese of 2 to 0.
Shooting, always lively the Castelvecchio and at 49 'Nagni puts in the center a great ball x Casadei assist for Petralia high on the crossbar.
The third Gialloverde network is not long in coming; minute 52 'free kick from Carlini puts the ball into the penalty area, defense guest stops deviation of winning Petralia and the good Iraci must collect for the third time the ball from the net.
Imolese suffered yet another network pushes the search for the goal of the flag but the defense Savignanese holds and today there is' tripe for cats.
Minute 66 'and Beleffi receiving from Deidda frees Lenzi into the area but the aim is inaccurate and sends to the side.
Imolese forward at 76 'with a great shot from the edge of Polidori but Pacini is careful and blocks.
The fourth network of 86 'homeowners; down the band Amaduzzi M. launches Rossi you drink the defender crossa in the middle and Casadei inflates the net.
The race ends with a nice header from Carfagna that ends high on the crossbar.

What to say, this year the Imola is traveling in bad waters and the Castelvecchio deputy Capolista wins deservedly.

Networks: 15 'and 52' Petralia, 45 'Nagni, 86' Casadei.

Referee Mr. LENCIONI of Lucca.

Assistants Lords Celli and Libassi of Forlì.
Spectators: about 90.

Pacini, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Nagni (83 'Calia), Carlini, Beleffi (70' Carfagna), Zani (60 'Rossi), Deidda (70' Comandini), Pastore, Casadei, Petralia (83 'De Carli ).
Montanari, Guiducci available.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA.

Iraci, Manara, Lenzi (76 'Bertozzi), Antonellini, Finotello, Lazzaro (65' Giovannini), Baharvand, Nahi (88 'Sartori), Polidori, Colasuonno (70' Biondi), Soglia.
Available Zotti, Lasorella.
Carmine Coach EXPOSED.

Savignano sul Rubicone 28 January 2018

Press Secretary Castelvecchio Female Franco Scolozzi

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