Friday, November 15 2019
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A good Pordenone defeats the Vicenza 2-1

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The Pordenone is confirmed as one of the best teams and Vicenza returns home defeated by 2-1.

Neroverdi lead the 18 'with a great goal by Cimarosti and in the second half double with Piazza after a few minutes from the kick-off. At the 71 'Pegoraro bagged the head and the distance back, but the Biancorosse can not break through the 2-1 holds up to the end.
Ready away and Neroverdi immediately forward after 4 'with Pugnetti who kicks from the outside and just misses the mirror of the door.
At the 12 'after some rebounds in the area, Paoletti tries to turn the ball head in the net, but Dalla Via is careful and blocks.

The game is unlocked at 18 'with a great goal by Cimarosti: corner of Pugnetti for the n.11 that at the penalty spot of the penalty kick on the fly and crosses the 1-0 goal.

The Vicenza struggled in front and dangerously faces the 32 'area on the developments of a corner: Maddalena cross for Bettinardi that from two steps you can see the header from an intervention
instinctively by Sara Ferin; on the rebound arrives then Missiaggia who fires a safe shot but a defender deflects back into the corner.

At 46 'Cimarosti enters the area from the left and kicks on the near post, but Dalla Via rejects the foot; is the last occasion of the first half that ends with the result of 1-0 in favor of Pordenone.

In the second half the Neroverdi still start strong and after 3 'also find the goal of doubling: Pugnetti's cross from the right and on the far post is ready to find Piazza crushing head to goal and bag the goal of 2-0.

The Vicenza, however, immediately responds: punishment from the 25 meters, Maddalena tries to pull directly on goal but the ball ends up out of the box.

At the 54 'episode from moviola with Roberta Pomi that is stopped for an offside doubt when she was all alone in front of Sara Ferin.
The n. 23 can be redone a few minutes later: launch of Fortuna, shot along the band, steering to the center of the area and shot on goal but deflected by a defender of Pordenone.

It's a good moment for Vicenza that tries in every way to reopen the game, taking advantage of a slight drop in opponents.

At the 71 'finally the Biancorosse are rewarded: punishment of Rigon from the left, ball in the area where Pegoraro arrives punctually with his head; for the n.5 is the first goal in Serie B.

At the XNXX 'new opportunity for Vicenza on a ball that basically could have seemed dead: the goalkeeper comes out of the penalty area to kick on a long throw from the
behind Biancorosse but it hits Roberta Pomi, good and stubborn in believing it anyway. Unfortunately the ball is wide compared to the mirror of the door and the n.23 continues shooting: the recovers a few centimeters from the bottom line and serves back Novello kicking on goal but the ball goes deflected by a defender.

Escaped the danger, the Pordenone tries to close the accounts at 89 'with a shot by Caterina Ferin deflected over the cross from Dalla Via.

At the 92 'moments of panic following a game clash with Pugnetti who remains on the ground and is transported by ambulance to the hospital; the n.10 Neroverde still seemed conscious to the intervention of the doctors.

The game has no more to tell and ends with the result of 2-1 in favor of Pordenone.Il Vicenza plays a good second half, but weigh the two goals taken in the first 48 ', because even if you saw again the desire to recover the disadvantage, it's never easy.

However, honor to the opponents who are a good team and looking at all the 90 ', they deserved the victory.

Tuesday we return to train to continue to improve and grow in view of the commitment on Sunday: the derby of the heart against Pescara.


Graphistudio Pordenone - Vicenza Women's Football 2-1

Graphistudio Pordenone (4-4-2)

Ferin S; Piazza, Perin, Schiavo (C), Padovan; Cimarosti, Ferin C., Dri,
Pugnetti (90 '+ 2 Gava); Paoletti, Del Stabile (80 'Faggiani)

Available: Perissinotto, Novellino, Dall'Arche

All. Of Filippo Sara

Vicenza Women's Football (4-3-3)

From the Street; Calderaro (77 'Balestro), Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro,
Frighetto; Rigon (77 'Lazzari), Maddalena (62' Novello), Fortuna; Pomi
R., Calandra, Bettinardi (58 'Pomi S.)

All. Dori Cristian

Marking machines: 18 'Cimarosti (P), 48' Piazza (P), 71 'Pegoraro (V)

Referee: Fabello Francesco (Trento)

Assistants: Tossut Pietro, Monfregola Antonio (Monfalcone)

Ammonite: Calandra (V), Gava (P)

Recovery: 2 '; 5 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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