Friday, November 15 2019
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Como 2000 - Oristano 3-1

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After three consecutive victories, the Como 2000 is called to confirm. And what better opportunity than the one with Atletico Oristano penultimate in the standings and dry results far from the friendly land.
Mister Gerosa confirms the formation of the last two victorious trips, an 5-3-2 with Galletti and Stefanazzi ready to climb and turn into a more proactive 3-5-2 at the time of possession.
Match that struggled to take off but fought, with the blue that make the game and the sardines who try to defend themselves with order.

At the 5 ° first comasco ring, cross from the left of Stefanazzi, the ball arrives at Galletti, who first has the shot from the defender slammed down and then tries to put it back in the middle, without anyone being ready to pick up the invitation.
At the 10 ° guests feel timidamanete to be seen by the parties of Pini, but the punishment of Esposito goes off slightly to the side.
The game goes on wearily, but at the 18 ° a deflected launch of Badiali, Mammoliti reaches that discards with a sumptuous sombrero his direct opponent and pierces the goalkeeper for the Como advantage.
The goal is not a jolt to the game that continues to be having opportunities, and the only one of this central phase occurs at the 24 ° on the developments of a corner kick, where Mammoliti, left alone in the center, can not impact perfectly, so much so that his header goes awkwardly off the bottom.
The game suddenly turns on at 40 °, Galletti alone on the right starts a cross shot that goes off at the bottom.
Do not pass nenache a minute and Crapanzano launched on the left back and starts a right that the goalkeeper to the ground in two stages.
Still a wild Galletti 42 ° crossed from the right, Mammoliti is anticipated by a blow from the defender but the ball arrives on the feet of Morosi that runs the conclusion a few steps from the door.
There is still room for a last gasp in this first half: 44 ° still a cross from the right wing of cock, defensive blunder of the Sardinian team, but once again Crapanzano alone, is hypnotized by the goalkeeper.
So closes a first time with the Como 2000, which despite the advantage, closes with the regret of not having exploited more territorial supremacy and opportunities created.

The recovery revives along the lines of the first half, with a Como 2000 pushing to try to close the meeting and a Sardinian team that continues to try to defend themselves.
After 53 seconds, already an emotion, Crapanzano frees himself from the limit and calls Bettineschi at the high parade.
At 5 ° another insertion of Galletti who wins a rebound and unload a powerful right that ends above the guest cross.
The blue push: 10 ° minute, Galletti cross deflected, the ball comes to Crapanzano that pulls on the goalkeeper from a great position.
They continue to create the girls in Como, without ever finding the flicker for doubling.
Another sensational opportunity at the 28 °: the long launch of Morosi finds the just substituted Catelli, alone in front of the goalkeeper, the blue skips him but he stretches for a while that does not allow her to finish the net and the action fades with return of the opposing defense.
At 29 ° Stefanazzi was freed on the left, but wasted too much the conclusion that ends above the crossbar.
After a lot to create, the formation of Lariano is well deserved to double: At 31 ° Mammoliti is launched on the counterattack, his shot is deflected by Bettineschi, but the ball ends up on the feet of Catelli that a few steps is not wrong.
Not even the time to celebrate, that Como brings on 3-0 to 33 °: Cascarano gets free on the band, his cross finds only still Catelli, which still pierces Bettineschi, for the personal double that brings on the 3-0 the contention .

The Como 2000 does not stop, and on the wings of enthusiasm keeps pushing.
At the 36 ° still unleashed Galletti goes to the cross, fishing Mammoliti that acrobatically anticipates his direct opponent but the ball goes off at the bottom.
At minute 38 still Catelli posted by Badiali stands alone in front of the goalkeeper, but his shot without fail finds Bettineschi on the tritoria, on the continuation of the Galletti action test the conclusion from a tight angle still calling the Sardinian goalkeeper to the big parade.
At the 42 ° at the spring occasion, the Oristano is the goal of the flag with a shot from the edge of Minella that slips into the corner.
From there on, Como controls the game. Last gasp at 47 ° with Roventi released in the area by the usual Galletti that choke too much the shot does not find the door.
Thus ends with the fourth consecutive victory, the beautiful game and the awareness that growth is continuous.

Marking machines: 18 ° pt Mammolites (Co), 31 ° and 33 ° st Catels (Co), 42 ° st Monella (Or)
FCF COMO 2000: Pini, Nascamani, Male (42 ° Confalonieri), Stefanazzi, Cascarano, Viganò (35 ° Roventi), Morosi (40 ° Scarpelli), Badiali, Crapanzano (23 ° st Catelli), Mammoliti, Galletti.
A DISP. Colombo, Sessa, Confalonieri, Talarico.
All. Gerosa
ORISTANO: Bettineschi, Zucca (27 ° ptMeloni), Longobardo, Tola, Mattana, Esposito, Minella, Basile, Saba (16 ° st Abbate), Scairato, Podda.
A DISP. Flap.
All. Poddi
Arb. Gauzolino from Turin

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