Tuesday, June 02 2020
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Florentia - Molassana Boero 3 - 0

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La Florentia beats Molassana Boero for 3 - 0 and can focus on Sunday's big match 28 against Arezzo.
The rossobianche closed the match with two goals in the first 15 minutes and then manage the game, finding the third goal in the final. They mark Vicchiarello, Nocchi and Pompignoli; to signal the debut in Serie B of the goalkeeper Silvia Schiavone, class 2002.

The rossobianche as usual take a few minutes before entering the game and the first opportunity is on the feet of the opponents: Fernandez, one of the most active Molassana, right does not worry Leoni.
After the initial break-in, the first real action Florentia is the goal: Nocchi enters the area on the service of Ceci, skips the defender but is put to the ground, for the race director, Mr. Marchioni of Rieti, there are no doubts . From the disk Vicchiarello is implacable and initial the 1 - 0.
After two minutes, the numerous fans who came to the "Ascanio Nesi" of Tavarnuzze, can also appreciate the play of n. 93 Roche, at the first championship holder, who triangles with Aliaj and serves on the Nocchi race, all of the same, but Stevanin anticipates the n. 21 rossobianca freeing the area.
At the 9 'Molassana comes back in attack, Calcagno takes advantage of a defensive indecision, but his shot goes out on the bottom touching the post. The rossobianche are immediately brought forward and find the network at 13 ': an excellent Ilaria Bonaiuti enters the area and unloads the right, Stevanin does not hold and on the rivatta is still lurking Nocchi that brings the result on the 2 - 0. For Nocchi it is the 14 ° center in 16 matches! At the 16 'still the English Roche shows off with a wonderful shot from distance, but the pole denies her the joy of the first Italian goal. The game becomes nervous, with Molassana closed in its half and Florentia that does not find the right spaces to worry the rearguard Ligurian. At half an hour two decisive actions by Stevanin save the Molassana from the collapse: first Roche with the left and then Gnisci with the right exalt the reflexes of the extreme Genoese defender, the best in the field of the match. Still Stevanin at the 38 'stops Nocchi after a sleazy drunken area had pulled with the right. The first half ended with Florentia forward, but at the 44 'Baroni's treacherous shot from long range was deflected in the corner.

The recovery is a reddish siege of the Molassana area. After just one minute a spectacular action on the Roche-Nocchi-Gnisci axis is not concretized by n. 17 of the Florentia that with the right plate does not frame the door. Roche - his good test - wants to leave his mark, but Stevanin is not there at the 50 'on a shot from a secluded position nor a minute later when you pass by removing from the intersection of the poles the ball thrown by n. RED-WHITE 93. The Molassana is never seen forward if not with sporadic shots from distance on which Ilaria Leoni is always careful, but Florentia can not close the meeting. At 58 'Elisabetta Tona to go close to the goal of 3 - 0: his break on the corner of Vicchiarello is imperious, but the ball is printed on the crossbar. Stevanin is still perfect on Baroni and Tona, but at 73 'Nocchi surpasses her with a fine lob: the linesman signals a doubtful offside and the referee cancels the net. The first and only danger for the Florentia door creates Fernandez at 75 'when, for a while, with a great shot from the outside, it is not surprising Leoni, risking to put the game back into play. At '86' Pompignoli could finally put an end to the ambitions of the comeback of the opponents: you get a penalty, goes on the spot, but is hypnotized by Stevanin kicking central and the result does not change. At 91 ', however, the bomber rossobianca redeems itself by signing the goal that closes the match with a powerful and precise header on the corner of Vicchiarello. The game in fact closes here and there is room for the debut in Serie B Silvia Schiavone, goalkeeper 2002 class holder of the Primavera, aggregated to the first team by 3 meetings due to the absence of injury by Alice Valgimigli.

"We played a good game, especially in the second half," commented Mister Lelli. "In the first half, despite the two initial goals, we could have the ball moved better in midfield. While in the second half we started to move better on the pitch, creating the right spaces to dictate the passages and we came so many times to shoot. We miss, as it often happens, malice in the door and we must improve in this respect because we can not risk that our opponents return to the game after dominating for 90 minutes; this time Leoni saved us with a decisive intervention on the only occasion of Molassana, but it does not have to happen again! Sunday we will go to Arezzo with great respect, but without any fear. We will play our game and, in any case, the championship is still long and hides many pitfalls. We must be proud of being able to play these kinds of games and we must not be afraid to face anyone! "

CF Florentia: Leoni (88 'Schiavone), Bonaiuti, Baroni, Tona, Rodella, Ceci, Aliaj (57' Lotti), Vicchiarello, Roche (69 'Pompignoli), Gnisci (80' Mazzella), Nocchi
All. Lelli

Molassana Boero: Stevanin, Buzi (85 'Guardo), Pozzo, Fernandez, Capua, Abondi, Librandi, Ponzanelli (65' Pavone F.), Poletto, Vatteroni, Calcagno
All. Berlingheri

Table: 6 'Vicchiarello (R), 13' Nocchi, 91 'Pompignoli

Race Director Mr. Marchioni (Rieti)
First Assistant Mr. Boschi (Valdarno)
Second Assistant Mr. Giombarresi (Valdarno)

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