Thursday, April 23, 2015
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The Latina overpowers the Chieti and overrides it in the standings. Rome and Lazio win.

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On the first return, a total of twenty networks were signed, many of which, of exquisite workmanship and a goalkeeper's network. Three home victories, three external ones, no peers. Let's start immediately with the big-match of the "Francioni" with the heavy poker of the Latina inflicted to Chieti (4-1): the Lazio of Colantuoni, which exceed the eleven of Di Camillo (finishing third in the standings), are the black beast of the Abruzzesi that, come out defeats both the first leg (0-1, the first day), both the return thanks to the networks of Chiodetti, Pisa and the double of the new purchase Williams (from Catania); for the Abruzzi, the flag network is from the Icelandic Antonsdottir.

Nono consecutive result, second home success in a row and second place balance for the tanks of Tesse that, at the "Melli", trimmed a resounding poker to a Apulia Trani remodeled (4-2), by virtue of two goals by Pezzotti, and networks of Cianci and Coletta (10 ° seal), for the Pugliesi, Volpe su penalty and Riccio.

But in first place, a + 5 right on Lazio, there is the Roma leader of Piras that extends, by measure, the field of Salento with the network of Chiara Lorè at the end of the first fraction of the game (0-1), interrupting so, the strip of consecutive useful results of the Indino girls who stops at seven. It was not really easy for the Giallorossi, which is canceled a network, get a penalty with Visentin but with Proietti wrong by the eleven meters (Achilles' heel for the bomber), a victory that still allows the first of the class to keep watching everyone from the top.

Second consecutive success and away for the duo Marino-Cavallino of Napoli Femminile, also a corsair in Rome against Real Colombo Savina (0-2), one of the two taillights of the group: the networks of the Neapolitan, bring two new- entry on the tab, or the first Italian network of the Brazilian Milena De Paula and that of Azzurra Massa that is released and dedicates its first season marking to the late and unforgettable dad Peppe, former champion of Naples blue. It seems to work the change of bench, but we expect confirmations in races more probing for the association of Presidents Guarino-Carlino, which brings to twenty points in the general classification, to -7 from the third place occupied by Lazio.

Corsaro also the Grifone Gialloverde (fifth solitary place, one point from Chieti), on the field of "Paudice" of San Giorgio against the bottom of the line Virtus Partenope; the eleven of Berruti, wins only in comeback, with two magics from the film library: the first, that of the peer directly from Piazzato di Bartolucci and, subsequently, with a blow from the cylinder of Ilenia Rossi (39 'st) that from twenty-five meters overrides the number one of the Ventresino house, drawing an unthinkable and lethal trajectory for the definitive 1-2, after the Finance Police team had fallen behind with Galluccio's momentary 1-0.

Last but not least, "Torre del Grifo", the gripping Sicilian derby between the Catania Calcio Femminile of the trainer Scuto and the Femminile Nebrodi of Mr. Di Bartolo: a super challenge that entertains and gives emotions to the end. At the triple whistle, it is the Catania to win, but only measure, the match (2-1), winning the double challenge, as well as the first leg when it ended (1-6). The race is uphill for the premises that are at a disadvantage with the beautiful conclusion of Lombardo that surprises Fazio (0-1) but, to restore the parity, we think Sapienza (1-1) and close the games even the extreme defender Fazio (35 'st) that comes out of his own penalty area and, on the developments of a corner, the ball is rejected by the small area, and to fall on the latter, is the number one house that turns into a bomber for a Sunday with a shot intended for the crossroads (to Batistuta) to remove the cobwebs from the Nebrodi's door and blowing up the supporters of the Catanese faith, with the eleven of Scuto climbing to eleven, but still four at the Nebrodi.

The Decimarture has rested.

Maurizio Stabile

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Maurizio Stabile
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