Saturday, April 04 2020
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Pisa - Florentia 0 - 4

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The Florentia imposes itself for 0 - 4 away against the Pisa Calcio Femminile and opens the second round with an important victory to keep the head of the standings.
The rossobianche took the lead in the first half thanks to a Corcos autogoal and then they set the result in the second half thanks to the double by Isotta Nocchi and the first Serie B network of Ilaria Bonaiuti.

The match, refereeed by Mr. Pette of Bologna, sees the Pisa start very decisively that on the corner of the corner creates some concerns to the rear rossobianca, but the tense cross is sure prey of Ilaria Leoni. The initial action is just a flash of straw for the neroazzurre: at the 4 'Florentia is already ahead; on the developments of a corner Baroni hits right-footed with a sure shot and his cross-shot is deflected in goal by Corcos, Pisa midfielder, who displaces Romiti. Florentia dominates the match in all areas of the field, but fails to materialize. At the 7 'manual action of the rossobianche: Ceci retrieves a slipping ball with stubbornness, serves Gnisci that at the edge of the triangular area with Nocchi that throws the shot, but the ball parades a little to the side of the pole. At the 12 'Vicchiarello is to create the space for shooting at the edge of the area, we try a left and Romiti para. At 18 'is still the black-and-blue defender to show off on the close shot of Gnisci deflecting in corner with his foot. There is no respite for Pisa, the Florentia continues to create opportunities but the network does not arrive: at 20 'Baroni misses the shot with a header from a good position; Nocchi one minute later scores, but is guilty of having touched the ball with his hand on the close contrast with Romiti; at 29 ', however, is the crossbar to deny the goal on a free kick in Vicchiarello. At the end of the first half Irene Lotti worries the Nerazzurri defense on two occasions, but the two teams go in the locker room on the result of 0 - 1 which is very close to rossobianche.

The formations are back in the field after the break and, ready, the Florentia goes in the network with Nocchi that uses a perfect assist Vicchiarello bagging the 0 - 2. The Rossobian siege in the Pisa area is continuous, the ball is always between the feet of the players of CF Florentia who try to sting with Rodella, Nocchi and Abati, but Romiti is always careful. At 61 'comes the goal of 0 - 3 and still bears the signature of Isotta Nocchi that with this network back at the top of the group scorers: the action is a photocopy of the first with the passage of Baroni, the shot of the n .21 rossobianca on the offside and the strong shot under the crossbar. From here on for the Florentia becomes normal administration, the only negative is the injury occurred to Abati, forced to leave the field to 68 'for a hard blow to the foot (fortunately for her it is just a distortion). The game is revived in the minutes of recovery with Vicchiarello and Mazzella who try to create further apprehensions to the defense of Pisa. At 96 ', when everything seems finished, Bonaiuti finds the right starting point on the right wing, enters the area and is put on the ground. From the stands and the field all acclaimed on the spot: Bonaiuti kicks, Romiti para, but does not hold back on the short and the n.3 rossobianca is the fastest and bags his first goal in Serie B!
The best ending for this day could not be!

"We had to win and we brought home the result" commented Mister Lelli "With Pisa it was a one-way match, even if it is never easy to play against these teams. They never made us big problems, but they did not leave much room for our maneuver and we lowered our pace too much, we could not always play as we know. As soon as we accelerated a bit we went into goal and this is a positive sign, even if we have to keep the concentration level high for all 90 minutes. Next Sunday we return to the field against Molassana and in the week we will have to prepare well, without relaxing. I will never tire of saying it: the results we achieve depend exclusively on us and on how we train each week; rankings, numbers and statistics count for nothing if you do not win! "

The Florentia continues its march at the top of the standings, but the opponents do not give up: Arezzo beats 4 - 0 the Lucchese, remaining less 3; Juventus Femminile and Lavagnese, not without difficulty, exceed respectively Romagnano and Molassana, and remain in the wake.

Positive signs also from the Primavera that, after a difficult start of the season, beat San Miniato 4 - 0 with an excellent choral performance and continues to ring consecutive consecutive results, climbing the standings.

Pisa Women's Football: Romiti, Sidoni, Cirillo, Sacchi, Giusti, Licareti (75 'Scarpa), Bimbi (84' Romani), Corcos, Fornaciari (80 'Almeida Santos), Casarosa, Vaglini
All. Buttons

CF Florentia: Leoni, Bonaiuti, Baroni, Tona (75 'Valgimigli G.), Rodella, Ceci, Lotti (86' Mazzella), Vicchiarello, Gnisci, Abbots (68 'Pecchia), Nocchi (63' Pompignoli)
All. Lelli

Table: 4 'Corcos (Aut.), 46' Nocchi, 61 'Nocchi, 96' Bonaiuti

Race Director Mr. Pette (Bologna)
First Assistant Mr. De Stefano (Empoli)
Second Assistant Mr. D'Amico (Empoli)

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