Vicenza scares Pro San Bonifacio but at the end 2-1 smiles at Verona

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The long-awaited derby was again won by the Pro San Bonifacio, but the result was in the balance until the end with the Vicenza that comes defeated to head very high for 2-1.
First half all in favor of the landlord who thanks to two euros of Rachel Perobello brings on 2-0 after just 16 '; in the second half Vicenza starts to take courage, gives little to the Veronese and shortens the distance to 71 'with another goal by Missiaggia.
The Biancorosse believe in the beating and continue to attack, but the Pro San Bonifacio manages to contain the vicentine and bring home the victory.

It was known that the Veronese were a tough team and in fact at 3 'already find the goal of the advantage at the first conclusion on goal: Ilaria Rigon launches Rachel Perobello who enters the area from the left, returns and leaves a missile that goes directly on the second pole, where nothing can do Dalla Via.
The same n.11 has the opportunity to XNXX 'to double but, well served by Yeboaa, kicks on the bottom from a good position.
The 2-0 arrives however a few minutes later: high ball, Ilaria Rigon leans to Rachele Perobello that with the left-handed kick of first intention from the top left of the area and sends the ball directly under the intersection of the farthest pole.

The Vicenza is a bit 'shaken by this one-two of Verona and looks forward to the 20': corner of Maddalena, Missiaggia tries to deflect on goal but the carambola ball out.
Still Pro San Bonifacio dangerous at 24 'with Ilaria Rigon receiving from Yeboaa and kicking a sure shot from the top of the area but Pegoraro is good and lucky to deflect in the corner.

At the 38 'for the Biancorosse we try Sabrina Rigon who tries his luck with a shot from the outside but, unbalanced by an opponent, does not hit in the best way and the ball goes off at the bottom.
Last action at 46 'for the Verona with a shot of Kastrati who kicks at the far post and you can see the shot blocked by a nice dive of Dalla Via.

You fall into the locker room with Vicenza under 2-o and almost never dangerous from the parts of Toniolo; in the second half, however, something changes and the girls of Mister Dori begin to stand up to their opponents.

At the 50 'very occasional for Yeboaa that served in the Cavallini area, he can not frame the door by a few steps; is the only clear chance to find the goal again for the Pro San Bonifacio, which from then on will be less and less dangerous.
Escaped the thrill, Vicenza begins to take courage and start playing well, without being intimidated by the opponents.
At 66 'Calandra receives and relies on Fortuna trying to shorten the distance with a shot from outside but the ball goes off at the bottom.
A little later, still a bubbly Calandra retrieves ball on the trocar and deep serves Roberta Pomi who is stopped face to face with Toniolo only from the whistle for a presumed offside position.

Finally, after so much effort, the stubbornness of Vicenza is rewarded:
Missiaggia retrieves a ball in midfield and serves Maddalena; the n.24 sees the shot of the Capitana and with a millimeter throw serves over the defense again Missiaggia who slipped in anticipates the outgoing goalkeeper and bags the goal of the 1-2.

The Biancorosse, galvanized by the goal, also seek the goal of the resounding tie and try with two shots of Frighetto and Fortuna but do not worry Toniolo.

The Pro San Bonifacio that before the network of 2-1 had tried to worry Dalla Via with a header from Cavallini on the development of a free kick, is likely to make the omelette at 79 ': Toniolo recovers the ball in the penalty area and to waste time he holds her in his hand for several seconds; by regulation the referee whistles foul and grants a second penalty a few steps from the limit. Missiaggia and Maddalena are on the line but a misunderstanding favors the intervention of Rachele Perobello who shoots the ball as far as possible from her penalty area.

And 'the last chance of the match: the derby if he wins the Pro San Bonifacio after sweating the 3 points, very important given the draw of the Castelvecchio that slips to -4.
Who witnessed the match today, has seen above all a great Vicenza that in the second half managed to put in trouble the leaders as well as one of the best teams in this group; once again we think Missiaggia that seems to have taken the taste to score ... You return home from Verona with some regret, but especially with the ever higher morale and with the performances that are continuously improving. Now head to next Sunday where the Baracca will arrive another team that is on the upper floors, the Castelvecchio ...

Pro San Bonifacio - Vicenza Women's Football 2-1

Pro San Bonifacio (4-3-3)
Toniolo; Kastrati Sossella (71 'Galvan), Casarotto (C), Perobello E .; Rigon I., Baldo (65 'Ferrari), Piovani; Perobello R. (86 'Pizzolato), Cavallini, Yeboaa (55' Bendinelli) Available: Savegnago, De Gregori, Fattori All. Dalla Pozza Moreno

Vicenza Women's Football (4-4-2)
From the Street; Calderaro, Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro, Frighetto; Rigon S., Maddalena, Fortuna, Balestro (48 'Calandra); Pomi R., Pomi S. (55 '
Available: Scarmin, Cengia, Lazzari All. Dori Cristian

Marking machines: 3 ', 16' Perobello R. (P), 71 'Missiaggia (V)
Referee: Papale Edoardo (Turin)
Assistants: Ferrari Massino, Vinco Samuel (Verona)
Ammonite: Frighetto (V), Perobello E. (P)
Recovery: 1 '; 3 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

Photo by Andrea Palladini

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