Thursday, January 12th
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Pari and patta between Real Meda and Orobica

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Real Meda and Orobica divided their posts after a game between two teams who did their best to bring home the three points. Three important points especially for the Orobica that would have reached Inter, which has rested today (in the stands Mister Wergifker and some blacks blue leaders), at the top of the standings, but, in the same way, three important points also for Real Meda that would allow him to redeem the last negative performance.

Immediately at the first minute Lonni makes a great parade on Moroni's close range; a few minutes later it is Pizzi (for me the best on the field today) to avoid the orobico advantage on a strong shot from a short distance.

So immediately lively and, at this juncture, it is the Orobica that is closer to the advantage and is unlucky when, served by Luana Merli, Fodri a few meters from the door sends the ball on the pole.
After this sprint start the two teams are confronted for a certain period in midfield using some reboots, but the respective defenses are very good and do not allow great opportunities for attacking opponents.

At the 32 'however, on one of these starts, Cristina Merli flees away on the left and forces Pizzi to a decisive corner deviation. Two minutes later comes the net advantage for the girls of Marini: excellent triangulation Poeta-Fodri-Luana Merli, the latter exceeds the goalkeeper out and easily puts the ball into the net: all very nice to see each other.
The reaction of Real Meda is immediately productive and leads to the draw: percussion on the right of Moroni that puts a cross in the area rejected short by the defense of Bergamo, the ball comes to Molteni that, from the edge of the area, starts a wonderful shot that s He slips under the crossbar.

Now it is the Orobica that, shaken by this goal, has a good reaction and Pizzi, who often improvises himself free, must save his door on an incursion by Luana Merli. At 46 ', after a bad repulsion of foot of Pizzi, the ball arrives at Luana Merli, but the good median number one, remedies the previous error and performs a miracle deflecting the ball into the corner.
Immediately at the beginning of recovery is still the protagonist Pizzi when he rejects a close shot of Cristina Merli in the corner. Shortly thereafter, on a fast restart of the team from Bergamo, Dubini enters decidedly on Luana Merli and with a courageous intervention on the edge of the area puts the ball in the corner and in the circumstances it is bad luck.

Real Meda now tries to control the race, but often has high defense and suffers the fast and dangerous counter-attacks of the Orobica that at 20 'is still unlucky when Luana Merli, from close range, hits the post in full.
At the 23 'is Real Meda who takes the lead: punishment from the three-quarters Fusi field, the ball goes through the entire area without any of the defenders intervene, on the ball arrives first Coda bag.
The Orobica is not there and starts to press on the accelerator and it takes just a few minutes to rebalance the progress of the meeting, when Fodri wins the ball, Pizzi crossed the edge of the area and with a nice diagonal marks the draw network.
The game in the final minutes does not offer many other emotions and fatigue begins to be felt advising the two teams to settle, in the end, the division of mail.
Today with Inter at rest, the Azaleas win, taking advantage of the draw between Real Meda and Orobica, they approach the high parts of the ranking making this series of B series increasingly interesting, also because the Milan Ladies has two games to recover and if it were to win the fight at the top would become extraordinarily uncertain until the end ...!

REALMEDA: Pizzi, Coppola, Arosio, Dubini (18 'St Ragone), DallaPria, Molteni, Fusi, Moroni, Coda, Sironi (38' St .. Campisi), Rome (16 'St Zorzetto). - Ripamonti-Beretta-Fadini-La Fiosca.
All. Zaninello.
OROBICA: Lonni, Fodri, Vavassori, Barcella (8 'St. Massussi), Merli Luana, Brasi, Merli Cristina, Poet, Viscardi, Madaschi (6' St. MilesiG.), Zamboni. - Milesi M.-Gaspari-Cirillo-Foiadelli-Parsani.
All. Marini M.

From MEDA Mario Merati

Mario Merati
Author: Mario MeratiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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