Saturday, February 22 2020
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Apulia Trani, first joy away: 3-1 the final with Virtus Partenope

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The first round ends with a victory. In the Delvecchio network in the first half, Sibilano and Chabane in the second half. Guests sign with Galluccio on penalty.
The first round of Apulia Trani ends with a victory. On the field of Virtus Partenope, mister Mannatrizio recovers at the last minute Sgaramella and Cagiano, while he still has to do without the bomber Maknoun (still a disqualification round, will return to the field against the Feminine Catania). The guests, on equal points with the tail of Real Colombo, instead face the first match of the 2018, after the sad postponement of the match last Sunday with the Nebrodi.

The first fraction of the game spends quite flat, with teams intent on studying. The goal of the tranese advantage comes around the minute 26, when, on the corner of Chabane, the scheme is executed to perfection and Michela Delvecchio stands out head, crushing a shot to the right of the opponent's goalkeeper. First goal of the season for the defensive central, which metaphorically expels all the insecurities of the team.

The recovery, in fact, begins under a white-blue siege. Double miracle of the extreme defender from Campania, first on Sgaramella and then on Borg, while Chabane only finds the outside of the net on a good conclusion.

The Tranesi also claim a penalty for a foul intervention on Sgaramella, but the extreme punishment comes from the other side of the field. A contrast of Spallucci is declared too aggressive and Galluccio from the penalty spot realizes the goal of the momentary draw. Virtus takes courage and only a large defensive diagonal of Delvecchio prevents the collapse. The new Iorio entrance brings energy to the Tranese maneuver. After a first insidious cross towards Sgaramella, a good cross that leads to the Sibilano network, the second season goal. In closing, there is also space for the joy of Chabane: restart, half-meter 20 meters and power finish. Learnable shot and 3 to final 1.

A positive result that returns joy and confidence to the environment: the goal is not to stop and try to collect as many points as possible in the five races that separate the team from the rest. Lazio, Catania, Real Colombo, Napoli and Nebrodi the opponents, with the right conviction everything is possible.

Marking machines: Delvecchio (A) 26 ', Galluccio (V) rig. 63 ', Hiss (A) 80', Chabane (A) 88 '.

VIrtus Partenope: Di Blasio, Lombardi, Caiazzo, Ferrara, Apicella, D'Avino, De Rosa, Miroballo, Di Marzo, Galluccio, Volpe. Available: Ventresino, Fiacco, Carratù, D'Errico, Santoro, Tozzi, Pecchillo. Vittorio Esposito

Apulia Trani: Of Bari, De Marinis, Chiapperini, Delvecchio, Spallucci, Chabane, Cagiano, Uchyama, Sgaramella, Sibilano, Borg. Available: Rings, Ko, Mariano, Ventura, Di Grazia, Racioppo. Francesco Mannatrizio

Referee: Valerio Pezzopane. Assistants: Marco Nappo, Jacopo Mercurio.

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