Friday, February 21 2020
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Femm. Juventus - Romagnano

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JuventuS - ROMAGNANO 2-1

It is said that misfortunes never come alone. And it's probably like that. At 10 'from the end the Romagnano was drawing 1-1 to Mirafiori against Juventus, deserving much more than the result obtained on the field;

then Giulia Lo Russo's knee injury was the first alarm bell. The joke a few minutes from 90 ', still on the umpteenth corner.
The grooming of Decaroli during the week had a positive effect. The Romagnano did not play so well for a few weeks and needed a convincing performance in the presence of one of the championship leaders. In Mirafiori, however, there was only one team on the pitch and it was not that Juventus. Decaroli, today without the disqualified Marabelli and the unavailable Lomazzi and Antonietti, often repeats that "football is decided by episodes". And he has every reason to affirm it if you think that the Romagnano went to the disadvantage at the 9 'for an unfortunate own goal by Tuberga who, in an attempt to extend a cross from Benatello in the corner, put the ball behind Brancaglion. Then a long garnet domination: first the crossbar of Zignone with a shot from distance, then the two failed chances from Orgiu face to face with Milone.
At the beginning of the recovery the calm seemed to be back: the launch of Tuberga and a winning lob from Orgiu. But the worst was around the corner: the crossbar denied Orgiu the personal shotgun and towards the conclusion, Russo's knee suddenly gave way. Punctually materialized the insult to the 41 ': corner for the bianconere and winning touch of Tomei for a 2-1 that leaves so much bitterness in the mouth of the Romagnano.

Juventus: Milone, Fanton, Cupoli (41'st Fasella), Tosetto, Benatello (33'st Tomei), Sobrino, Sottil, Municchi, Nicastro (21 'Trapani), Mondino, Gastaldo. Available: Valletta, Falcone. All .: Serami.

Romagnano: Brancaglion, Giannetti, Scalcon, Donderi (39'st Di Piero), Pella, Tuberga, Orgiu, Lo Russo (36'st Veronese), Franco, Zignone, Saglietti. Available: Masto, Nidasio, Cervellin, Cerini. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Marangone di Udine.
Networks: 9 'autogol of Tuberga (J), 3'st Orgiu (R), 41'st Tomei (J).

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph: Sonia Orgiu

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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