Friday, November 15 2019
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Apulia Trani, transferred to Campania

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Apulia Trani is back on the field: Sunday 14 January, against Virtus Partenope, penultimate in the standings, last round of the way and a great desire for redemption. To face the Tranesi, a tenacious opponent, who collected a few points but never demerit in the field. The defeats, all of measure, against the leaders of the class tell of a team that never gives up and that has a strong point in the home stadium.

After the incredible defeat of measure against the Latina, mister Mannatrizio will still be grappling with numerous absences. The fantasist Sgaramella, discounted the disqualification, is grappling with the flu, as well as the defensive wall Chiapperini, while no news on the appeal to the disqualification of three days in Maknoun. Even the midfield is a rebus: difficult to see in the field Cagiano and Volpe, while Uchyama should have disposed of the fever and be among the summoned.

Despite the many difficulties, it is time for the girls of President Scarcella to grit his teeth and aim to make a result. The next commitments against Lazio, Catania and Real Colombo appear less prohibitive than the calendar of the last month and Spallucci and companions have all the credentials to ring a positive streak and go up the standings.

Sunday 14 January, 14.30 hours, San Michele Stadium in Castelnuovo di Napoli, Virtus Partenope - Apulia Trani. FREE ENTRY

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