Thursday, January 12th
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Turin - Romagnano

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Now the involution is worrying. The 4-0 suffered at Pianezza against Torino is unquestionable and forces the troops of Davide Decaroli to reset a group of two-thirds that had been satisfactory for game and points.

True that the race ended in the half hour after the expulsion of Sesian goalkeeper Marabelli for the last man's foul, but once again the first goal suffered was like a blow from which the Romagnano has not been able to recover. It's a pity, because the 12 points so far collected can not certainly be the result of chance. The team has its own values, but in defense is fragile and attacking in this period can not affect, also due to the decline in the shape of people like Lo Russo and Cerini, authentic dragging in the goal area in the first months. More than ever a trend reversal is needed, also because from here at 18 February the first 7 rounds of the second round are scheduled, starting from the insidious trip on Sunday with Juventus.
After a discrete approach, the Romagnano suffered three goals in a few minutes between the 18 'and the 30' and then went to rest with a heavy partial and a man less. The fourth goal for Torino also came in the second half.

Turin: Raicu, Bonanno, Nicco, Aghem, Tamburini, Malara (23 'st Pancaldi), Massarelli, Rinero (10'st Barberis), Borello (37'st Stobbia), Schirru (16' st Boasso), Ponzio. Available: Liberti, Pancaldi, Lombardo. All Christian

Romagnano: Marabelli, Giannetti, Di Piero, Donderi, Pella (25'st Orgiu), Veronese (1'st Tuberga), Lo Russo (28'pt Brancaglion), Franco, Zignone (23'st Antonietti), Nidasio (1'st Scalcon ), Saglietti. Available: Cervellin, Soncin. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Damiani of Turin.
Networks: 15 'Malara, 20' Massarelli, 30 'Ponzio, 40' Ponzio
Notes: expelled to the 28'pt Marabelli (R) for last man's foul.

Female Romagnano Press Office

Enrico Manassero
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