Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Transfer to the limits, Apulia impacts with the Salento Women 1-1

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Maknoun scored and then ejected for a reaction foul, in the field and in the stands a pit.
Second consecutive tie in the league for Apulia Trani, who in the Puglia derby on the field of Salento Women Soccer takes home another 1-1 and a lot of bad blood. The last match before the Christmas break took place, in fact, in a certainly not festive atmosphere. The very hard contacts in the field and the unfriendly behavior on the stands transformed what could be a party for the Pugliese women's soccer movement in a real battle.

In the field, everything happens in the first half: just three minutes from the start, it is the bomber Leila Maknoun to unlock the match. The Franco-Algerian striker recovers the ball on the three-quarters and flies to the door, signing his third goal in four games. The draw of the Salento arrives around the twentieth, on a scrum in the area in which Zaccaria is quick to bag in the door defended by Di Bari. The game expressed by both teams appeared very fragmented, due to the many fouls sanctioned by the referee, in the only attempt to appease the spirits in the field. Maknoun, to the umpteenth harsh intervention immediately, makes a mistake, and makes a reaction. Red card and Apulia in ten from the thirtieth of the first half.

In the second half, despite the numerical inferiority, Apulia twice comes close to a new advantage, pima with Borg and then with Chabane. But the atmosphere does not improve: on the bench of the tranesi rain insults and even a rock. Scenes that should not belong to any sport, deplorable regardless of the flag for which you are rooting. The final result is a draw that tastes bitter in the mouth for both teams, who awaited the turning point for their season.

At the resumption of the championship, scheduled for Sunday 7 January, Apulia will host the Latina at home, matched in third place with Chieti and Rome Decimoquarto. The hope is that the 2018 will bring to the team and all its supporters greater satisfactions, being able to express all the potential that has been repeatedly shown against even the most popular opponents.

Salento Women: Mariano, Coluccia, Zaccaria, Guido, Ouarif, Pinto, D'Amico, Felline, Costadura, Cazzato, Bruno. To disposition: Errico, Vitti, Resta, Carrafa F., Carrafa A., Accogli, Longo. Coach: Vera Indino
Apulia Trani: Di ​​Bari, De Marinis, Chiapperini, Delvecchio, Spallucci, Uchyama, Mariano, Chabane, Maknoun, Volpe, Borg. Available: Sibilano, Ko, Iorio, Manzi, Ventura, Di Grazia. Coach: Francesco Mannatrizio
Tabellino: Maknoun (A) 3 ', Zaccaria (S) 20'
Expulsions: Maknoun (A)
Referee: Vito Guerra di Venosa. Assistants: Stefano Sibilio and Alberto Barile of Brindisi

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