Sunday, 26 January 2020
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Romagnano - Ligorna

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The Romagnano ended the year with a bad defeat on the synthetic Novarello, for the occasion home of the grenade because of the frozen field on that of Romagnano.

The Ligorna wins 3-0 in a deserved manner and for the grenade closes a fatal week in which unfortunately we must remember Tiziana Mazzei, who died after a long illness. Mazzei has played in the Romagnano for many years, playing his last game in the 2014. Today the team played with mourning on the arm and a minute of silence was observed before the race.
Decaroli must give up at the last moment also to Orgiu and Franco, as well as Pella unavailable for work reasons. The start seems good, but the Ligorna dangerously punctures in restart: the 5 'Traverso engages Brancaglion and soon after is Campora to fail face to face with the goal grenade after a lightness of Veronese. At 10 'the Ligurians pass: corner of Fallico and Fracas with no forgiveness. The first half of Ligorna ends here. From that moment on the Romagnano exerted a dominance which, however, proved to be sterile. The only opportunities happen to Donderi (who at 25 'can not find the mirror with a difficult tap-in on cross-firing of Cerini) and Veronese just before the interval ciabatta badly a ball wandering in the area.
In the second half it is expected a pressure, instead it is the Ligorna to repeatedly fail the 2-0: Campora slightly widens the diagonal, Bettalli finds the opposition of Brancaglion, finally Cella shoots high from an excellent position. But at the 18 'doubling is something done and still on a corner action: Antonietti rejects head on the feet of Bettalli who kicks first and inflates the net. At half an hour the Romagnano finally shows up: Donderi from the distance hits a sensational crossbar and on the retatted Veronese cross in the area, but the turn of Cerini is high. On the re-start the 3-0: the triangle between Traverso and Casciani leaves the Sesian rearguard immobile and the tris is done.

Romagnano: Brancaglion, Tuberga (30'st Nidasio), Scalcon (35'st Lomazzi), Di Piero, Giannetti, Saglietti (9'st Antonietti), Zignone, Veronese, Lo Russo (26'st El Akri), Donderi, Cerini (41 'st Cervellin). Available: Marabelli, Soncin. All .: Decaroli.

Ligorna: Denevi, Cama, Cella, Bettalli, Napello, Casciani, Traverso, Fallico, Fracas, Fossati (31'st Favali), Campora (26'st Brero). Available: Parodi, Trichilo, Cuneo, Moscamora, Pappalardo. All .: Lo Bartolo.

Referee: Carnelli of Monza
Networks: 10 'Fracas, 18'st Bettalli, 30'st Traverse.
Notes: Casciani ammonita.

Female Romagnano Press Office

In the photograph: Rossella Donderi

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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