Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Serie B: 5 derby inflame group D

Rating: 5 / 5

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The eleventh round will be held on Saturday 23 cm (with four derby) and will open with the expected and full of charm big-match between Roma Calcio Femminile and Chieti Calcio Femminile: first against third with the battleship of Piras that, if it were be able to prevail over Abruzzo, would put a big mortgage on the victory of group D. The Abruzzo di mister Di Camillo have lost only the first day (against Latin), then an alternation between five wins and three draws and the challenge in challenge between the top scorer Proietti on one side and Vukcevic among the black-green ranks (1X).

Another race to follow, the derby between Roma Decimoquarto and Grifone Gialloverde, divided by a single point. Among the walls of friends, the eleven of Gagliardi won only once (7-1 against Real Colombo), two draws and a defeat, while the team of Berruti is back from defeat (in the last round) against Roma leaders , five successes, one peer (1-1 against Catania) and the only loss of measure (3-2) against Lazio Women. We opt for an X.

Following the Apulian derby between Salento Women Soccer and Apulia Trani: well 7 points more for the girls led by Indino who come from three wins and a match in the last four matches, while the Trani di Mannatrizio is back from the good home against the XIV (1-1) stopping the one who won most away from home, after the Roma Calcio Women's leaders. We predict an 1.

It will be an incandescent derby Campania that will be on stage at Volla between Virtus Partenope and Napoli Femminile: the girls of Mr. Esposito, in the last round, have won their first historic victory in the fall, while the eleven of the technical Aielli is in full crisis of results with just one and three defeats in the last four league releases. Difficult to make a prediction but we trust the best classification of the blue who have eight points more on Virtus: we opt for a 2, but pay attention to the possible rediscovery of the owner's motivation.

Latina-Nebrodi is a tail head with the eleven of Colantuoni boasting a + 14 on Sicilians: in the last three releases, three consecutive hits for the girls of the Latina Feminine, while the Nebrodi, four points, the result of a victory (0 -4 against Real Colombo) and the precious equal against XIV (0-0), but the forecast is all in favor of Lazio: 1 base.

Finally, the second of the class, the Lazio Women will host the bottom of the Real Colombo: nineteen points divide the two teams, with the girls of Tesse, only defeats against Rome and Chieti, will be in the presence of the rear most perforated with 44 nets suffered for the Roman matriculation. Fixed 1 + Over 3,5

Maurizio Stabile

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Maurizio Stabile
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