Friday, January 17 2020
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A good Vicenza struggles and suffers: Brixen stopped 1-1

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Very good draw away for Vicenza that stops the Brixen 1-1.
After a very balanced first half, the Biancorosse hit cold after just 50 "with Frighetto; the opponents, however, accelerate and Prugger after 15 'equalized the accounts taking advantage of a defensive error.

Game immediately challenging for both teams because of the synthetic field of ice, especially in the side band under the tribune that makes it difficult to play the ball and the balance of the players.

The only chance for Vicenza came after 8 'with Rigon, who tows and kicks from outside the box but the ball goes out to the side. Great balance in the field with the Biancorosse who manage to keep up with the most popular opponents and leave few spaces.

After the shots of Santin and Kiem, the most dangerous action of the Brixen passes through the feet of Bielak to 44 ': the n.10 in speed enters the area from the left but kicks up; you go to rest then on a right 0-0.

Unlike the first 45 ', the second half started immediately very strong: just pass 50 "when Vicenza took the lead. Rigon on the left wins a contrast, he crosses the ball back towards the edge of the area where he arrives Frighetto kicking on goal and, also because of a deviation, he packs the 1-0.

The Brixen does not accuse the blow and pours off to the search for a draw.

At the 53 'Bielak tries with a great shot from the outside, but Scarmin with his hand raises the ball over the crossbar.

The advantage of Vicenza only lasts until 58 'when Prugger takes advantage of a defensive error and leads unguarded bags the equalizer.

The Biancorosse try to respond to 62 'with a shot of Fortuna trying to surprise Kosta by bouncing the ball on the frozen ground, but the goalkeeper in two stages.

At the 65 'possibility of doubling for the Brixen: launch from the rear for Bielak that escapes away in speed and in front of Scarmin try to overcome it with a spoon, but the n.12 remains standing up to the last and
in two stages blocks the ball.

A few seconds pass and the Vicenza resurfaces again forward, but the shot of Silvia Pomi concludes her docile race in the arms of Kosta.

The Brixen is not there to match and try in every way to break the red and white defense again: at the 71 'Brugger goes off in the area and concludes low shot on the far post, but Scarmin dives and diverts into

At the 77 'Reiner tries that kick power on the fly, rejected not perfect of the n.12 biancorossa and ball that goes off the bottom after some dangerous rebounds.

It's a final siege of the Brixen, but Vicenza holds up well and defends well: the last two dangerous occasions pass by Prugger's feet, kicking to find the deflection of Missiaggia in slip and Reiner stopped again by Scarmin.

To the opponents not even the 2 'recovery and the game ends with the result of 1-1.

Very precious draw for Vicenza who returns home with a very good point in a difficult field and against a team that played well, especially in the second half.

First half and start of recovery more in favor of the Biancorosse, who were then able to defend themselves and suffer to bring home a draw.

Next meeting Saturday 23 December at home against Vittorio Veneto, hoping to extend the useful result row in a row.


Brixen Obi - Vicenza Women's Football 1-1

Brixen Obi (4-3-3) Kosta; Profanter, Recca (51 'Strickner), Ladstaetter, Dorfmann; Prugger (88 'Niederjanfner), Kiem, Santin (67' Messner); Bielak (C), Reiner, Maloku (64 'Brugger)

All. (Maraner Marco, disqualified)

Vicenza Women's Football (4-3-1-2) Scarmin, Calderaro, Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro, Frighetto; Rigon (80 'Novello), Maddalena, Calandra; Fortuna; Pomi S. (76 'Bettinardi), Pomi R.

Available: Dalla Via, Balestro, Cengia

All. Dori Cristian

Marking machines: 46 'Frighetto (V), 58' Prugger (B)

Referee: Franzoni Matteo (Lovere)

Assistants: Madzovski Dejvid, Rieder Elias (Bolzano)

Recovery: 1 '; 2 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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