D'Amico drags Salento to Vittoria

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Second success in a row for the girls of Salento Women Soccer. After the prestigious home victory against Catania, last Sunday the Giallorossi have taken the field of Real Colombo Roma with the score of 2-1. The matrix of the match was - needless to say - the usual Serena D'Amico: the captain of the Salento Women Soccer has achieved a brace that allows her to rise to 5 in the ranking scorers.

"I scored two goals and I could have made at least three more if the pole and the excellent goalkeeper did not stop my shots - the Lecce striker points out - but I want to say that the victory is thanks to the whole team He faced the Roman with humility and the desire to win, as we had been asked before taking the field.The group is growing with the passing of the weeks and I am convinced that we will take away a lot of satisfaction.Therefore I want to say that the team dedicates the victory of Rome to our patron Ercole Pezzuto who in recent days celebrated the anniversary of the 5 years of activity of "Pezzuto Group", the main sponsor of Salento Women Soccer ".

Two other players, Roberta Resta and Paola Accogli, have been part of the group since last week, both of them in the second half in Rome. For Accogli it was a welcome return to the Giallorossi jersey after the experiences of the past few years while Resta came from Apulia Trani.

"Paola Accogli we know her well and we are sure that she will give us a great contribution during the rest of the season - says coach Vera Indino." As for Roberta Resta, I can say that the impact with the new reality has been very positive and she too will be able to carve out an important space in this team, I am obviously happy for the victory against Real Colombo, even if the 2-1 final is very close to us, now always forward with humility ".

Sunday we return to play Sogliano Cavour for the match against Napoli Femminile; kick-off at 14.30.

Marking: in the pt 17 'D'Amico (S); in St 44 'Ngo Noug; 47 'D'Amico.

Real Colombo Rome: De Rosa, Melis, Percuoco, Sacchetti, Rossi, Fatati, Olianas, Boldorini, Palescandolo, Simonini (25 'st Ngo Noug), Cavagna. On the bench: Puzzonia, Melis, Catena, Novaldi, Amato, La Schiazza. Coach: Nicola Pozzuto.

Salento Women Soccer: Mariano, Ouacif (30 'st Accogli), Zaccaria, Lupo (10' st Costadura), Guido, Pinto, D'Amico, Felline, Coluccia, Cazzato, Bruno (18 'st Resta). Available: Errico, Vitti. All .: Vera Indino.
Referee: Ortu di Oristano.

Notes: about three hundred spectators. Recovery: pt 3 ', st 6'.

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