Friday, January 24 2020
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Rimpianto Apulia: recovery and counter-comeback with Chieti

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Beautiful race, full of emotions: great goal by Maknoun, but against the second classified is not enough
Apulia Trani is defeated by the Women's Football match against Chieti but does so head-on. In the eighth day of Group B of Serie B women, against the second in the standings, the Tranesi put it all, reassembling the initial disadvantage, but collapse under a couple of episodes that decide the result.

The race starts under the best auspices for Apulia, which at 5 'gets its first chance to score: Sgaramella skips two defenders and starts a low cross towards the center of the area, Borg hooks but the shot is weak, easy prey of the opposing goalkeeper. The first chance for Chieti at 26 ', a free kick in a central position, when Vukcevic hit the crossbar. A few minutes later, it is the Serbian forward, from the left, to go on the net with a powerful shot from the left edge of the area. The landlords shake and close in crescendo the first half. At the 40 ', Maknoun recovers the ball in midfield, shoots towards the opposing goal, jumping in speed the entire line defensive host, including the defender. 1-1 scores and rest in parity.

The second fraction opens with the goal of the Maltese Borg, which leads Spallucci and companions with a nice shot from the right. Apulia gets the pace and on a quick exchange, at the 58 ', between Maknoun and Chabane, the midfielder concludes at the end of the pitch. The host coach replaces Gangetti with Dimattina at the 60 ', but the inertia of the match does not change. At 65 ', Pica concludes from the limit but the shot is easy prey of Di Bari. The Chieti reaches the draw to 71': free kick from the right wing, sloping on the far post and the fray is Giada Di Camillo, defender and captain host, to hook and put on the net. At 76 ', Vukcevic from the right skips De Marinis and concludes on the net, bringing Chieti back into the lead. Mr. Mannatrizio tries to shake the team with the entry of Mariano but the fatigue begins to be felt. A penalty to 85 ', for Delovecchio's foul on Giulia Di Camillo, who then realizes the extreme punishment.

An unjust defeat, for the values ​​expressed in the field, which puts Apulia in an awkward position: before returning to the Comunale against Roma XIV, waiting for the company of the president Scarcella is the transfer to the capital against the Roma leaders. A prohibitive adversary, against which he will need concentration and effrontery to interrupt the negative series.

Networks: Vukcevic (C) 30 ', Maknoun (A) 40', Borg (A) 50 ', Di Camillo Giada (C) 71', Vukcevic (C) 76 ', Di Camillo Giulia (C) 85'.

Apulia Trani: Di ​​Bari, De Marinis (80 'Mariano), Chiapperini, Delvecchio, Spallucci, Riccio, Fox, Chabane, Maknoun, Sgaramella, Borg. Available: Uchyama, Manzi, Iorio, Diaferia, Laface, Ventura. All. Francesco Mannatrizio

Chieti Women's Football: Balbi, Di Camillo Giada, Ferrazza, Benedetti, Vukcevic, Di Camillo Giulia, Gangetti (60 'Lamattina), Carmosino, Perna, Antonsdottir, Pica. Available: Falcocchia, Giuliani, Coscia, Di Sebastiano. All. Lello Di Camillo

Yellow cards: Chiapperini (A) Vukcevic (C), Di Camillo Giada (C), Spallucci (A).
Referee: Oscar Ozzella from Benevento. Assistants: Davide Palmisano and Davide Ambasciati di Foggia.

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