Friday, September 20 2019
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Fortitudo Mozzecane, first home win and second in a row in the league

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After the good performance of the Gialloblù away to Jesi (1-3, ed), also comes the first win of the season at home. The Fortitudo wins 3-0 against Vicenza and, with the second consecutive win in the league, it leads to fifteen points in the standings.

The game immediately starts well for the landlords, who already at the 5 'find the net of the advantage with Peretti which, making the most of the cross of Carraro, hits the ball on the fly from the edge of the area, the turns on the far post and finds a great goal . The Gialloblù have an opportunity to double the 16 ', when Gelmetti surprises the defensive line with a high filter for Martani, who controls and aims at the corner: out of very little. At the 24 'Carraro, as for the first goal, Peretti, who turns and shoots on the crossroads. Fortitudo is committed to finding the goal of safety, but fails to be effective; at the 26 'try the conclusion before Gelmetti and then Peretti, but both are walled up. After half an hour of game the first dangers come from the guests: at the 31 'Maddalena does not go far from the cross on a free kick and the 32', on the developments of a corner kick, Missiaggia comes in the race and flat kicks over the crossbar from a great location. After these occasions the girls of the technical Bragantini resume to dominate the game, but without being really dangerous.

The second half opens with an excellent play of Gelmetti, which force makes its way into the opposing area and aims at the intersection of the poles, but the ball comes out a little. At the 13 'Olivieri shows off with a decisive action on Pegoraro's header, saving the result. To the 18 'to have the chance of doubling is Martani: the number nine gialloblù, exploiting a mistake of the defense, it flies towards the door and kicks hard, but Dalla Via manages to block. At the 22 'is still Gelmetti that worries the goalkeeper of Vicenza, with a shot from distance just outside. The Fortitudo is doubled to 24 ', thanks to the first goal of Carraro in this league: the midfielder leaves a strong and precise shot from a great distance that slips under the crossbar. At the 34 'gialloblù definitively close the game when Peretti, launched on the band by Martani, puts in the middle for Gelmetti, which cold puts the ball on the net. The game ends without goals conceded thanks to the second major intervention by Olivieri, who at the 45 'dives and rejects Calandra's shot. Final result 3-0.

Fortitudo Mozzecane - Vicenza 3 - 0

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Pecchini, Welbeck (7 'St Caliari), Lords, Salaorni, Marconi (36' St Mele C.), Martani, Piovani (30 'st Bottigliero), Peretti, Carraro, Gelmetti.

Available: Venturini, Caliari, Mele C., Caneo, Bottigliero, Boni.

Coach: Bragantini.

Vicenza: From the Street, Pomi R. (21 'St Passuello), Balestro, Missiaggia, Pegoraro, Novello, Frighetto (10' St Pomi S.), Lucietto (20 'pt Calandra), Rigon, Maddalena, Bettinardi (36' st Cuomo).

Available: Passuello, Pomi S., Calandra, Cuomo.

Coach: Dori.

Referee: Costa (Novara).

Assistants: Berestean and Adamoli (Verona).

Networks: 5 'pt Peretti, 24' st Carraro, 34 'st Gelmetti.

Notes: Peron and Carraro ammonite.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Pierangelo Gatto Photo
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