Monday, January 20 2020
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Behind Roma Capoccia, Napoli-Chieti, the second place is played with Lazio ready to hit

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The sixth day opens with the succulent match highlight between Napoli Femminile and Chieti at the "Simpatia" field in the Pianura district. It is the most important challenge of group D that will certainly give other indications on the main rival of the Roma leaders of Piras that will face away the Real Colombo: prediction clearly in favor of the first of the class that will see it with one of the taillights of the group (18 networks suffered by the newly promoted) and, regardless of the big match between Naples and Chieti, the gap in the ranking should remain unchanged.

Returning to the cartel match, Aielli's Napoli must redeem himself from the external defeat of measure against the Grifone Gialloverde (1-0), while the eleven of Lello Di Camillo, currently a point above the partenopee, which must recover a race, will be in Naples charged to try to return to Abruzzo with the whole stake at stake or even less with a point.

Another interesting challenge will be between Catania and Rome XIV both back from a defeat, respectively against Rome and Lazio, with a fairly fluctuating journey on the part of both teams divided by a single point, among the revelations, positive, this beginning of season.

Next, there is Lazio-Salento with the prediction in favor of the eleven of Tesse who will see it with a regenerated Salento Women of Vera Indino, who has just returned from the first win of the season: it will be a fascinating challenge also on the respective benches with the only two female figures present in the following group, which ferry the respective teams with experience and diligence.

Nebrodi-Grifone Gialloverde will oppose the Sicilians who are looking for points and that come from the blow against Apulia Trani and the Finance Police team has bypassed several positions so placing even in second place (arm in arm with Chieti) after that, in the recovery on Wednesday evening, he got rid of Real Colombo with a net 0-3 (Tata, two goals from Manca).

Closes the rich program, Virtus Partenope-Latina with the landlords who still have to move up the standings and untie from the last place and with Lazio that have to recover a race and find the best polish if they want to go up the standings.

It will be up to Apulia Trani to watch the others from home!

Maurizio Stabile
Author: Maurizio StabileEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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