Saturday, 21 September 2019
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Serie B group C: Three big and the void ...?!

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Vittorio Veneto and Castelvecchio at 21, ProSan Bonifacio at 20. These are the three teams that, at the moment, are competing for the place to enter the playoffs and to stay in the cadet category. The rest, with the exception of overturns, are all already relegated to the Interregional championship. A little hope and a great desire to climb we leave it to San Marino after it has played the recovery with Castelnuovo that on paper should give the three points to the team of the Republic of San Marino that in this case would place at 4 ° position less 5 from capoliste.

A cruel regulation, considered useful to improve the competitiveness of the teams and make the journey to the coveted Serie A more complicated, until now too easy to reach.

After only 8 days the group C of the series B is likely to have already admitted a first verdict, thanks to the winning path of the first three of the class and, unless unlikely reversals, the fate of the other 13 teams seems to be scored. I use conditional because in football we can not give anything for granted and the wind can change at any time. Also because our women when they take the field do not give anyone discounts, they play to win and to score and this makes the championships interesting and uncertain until the end.

Impressive the journey of the two leaders, both with 7 wins on 8 races and only one defeat: the Castelvecchio in the direct clash with Vittorio Veneto with the latter that was defeated at home by San Marino. Unbeaten the ProSambo with its 6 wins and two draws made in the derby with the Mozzecane and in the home of Bologna.

Sunday 19 November is played the 9 ° day that sees in front of the Castelvecchio and ProSambo while Vittorio Veneto receives at home the difficult Pescara. Pordenone, Unterland and San Marino are called to win to continue to hope for a misstep of at least 1 of the momentary three big.

Not for nothing, at the first 3 places in the scorers' ranking we find with 10 goal Francisca Yeobaa (ProSambo), 9 goal Silvia Guidi (Castelvecchio), 8 Natascia Piai (Pordenone). The Markers ranking: complete:

We wish a good day of the championship to all the teams ... and that always win the best!

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Walter Pettinati
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