Friday, January 17 2020
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Grifo Perugia ko: thud in the Luserna's home

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The Piedmontese win by a Zella goal. The President Roscini: "Undeserved defeat and decided by an arbitration episode"
A defeat that absolutely did not want us and that projects Grifo Perugia at an important distance from third place, the minimum goal to maintain the category. At the home of the San Bernardo Luserna the girls of Valentina Belia succumbed undeservedly after a goal in the first half of the Piedmont Zella spoiled by a clear foul not recognized by the referee.


The first minutes of the match see Grifo take the reins of the game and become dangerous thanks to Giulia Fiorucci. The red and white striker catches a double pole at the conclusion and retaliated at the 4 'minute. We also try Martina Ceccarelli but without framing the mirror of the door.

At 22esimo Rosmini gets a yellow card for a rough entry against Lavarona. Two minutes later, Alessi tries with an unrealistic shot from outside the area.

Half an hour, however, comes the advantage of the landlord. Cross from the left towards the center for Zella who fall foully Ferretti and puts the ball in the net. Everyone expects the whistle of Davide Fera di Gallarate to detect the irregularity. This is not the case and Grifo goes under.

The Grifoncelle immediately try to remedy. At 39esimo Ceccarelli to go close to draw on developments from corner, but the header is lost very little out.

The recovery opens with the Perugians who maintain the rhythms in search of the 1-1. At the 54 'minute Monetini puts a cross in the area for the current Ceccarelli but does not impacts two steps from the goal line. Another failed opportunity for the red and white.

At 59esimo it is a defender of Luserna to save on the line another header of Martina Ceccarelli. The opposing goal seems to be bewitched by Grifo Perugia.

At the 67 'minute comes the first real opportunity for Luserna over the goal: Moretti shoots power but finds Bayol careful to reject.

Valentina Belia's team tries again with Giulia Fiorucci and Ceccarelli, but the misfortune is still in between. La Grifo shows a truly remarkable commitment and determination combined with an excellent intensity of play. The 1-0 in favor of the Luserna looks really unfair.

A 6 minutes from 90esimo, with the last energies in the body, the Grifoncelle launch the assault: Pellegrino launches a powerful but not as accurate shot that is lost to the right of the home goalkeeper.

With the triple whistle of the race director the contests close here. La Grifo Perugia recriminates against bad luck and against an arbitrary episode still against it. The defeat, in light of a very good performance, appears absolutely undeserved.


Valentina Roscini, president of Grifo Perugia:

"Girls today have given everything in every respect. I can not reproach them. In addition to the usual misfortune, the referee has been put in the wrong position by not recognizing the net foul on Ferretti on the occasion of the Luserna advantage. They are a good team, but today we deserved much more for what we showed. "


SAN BERNARDO LUSERNA: Serafino, Mellano, Russo, Capra (37 'St Marinoni), Greppi, Bianco, Moretti, Zella, Pisano, Amandola, Lavarona (38' St Moscia). Available: Barbieri, Gretta, Tupisco, De Vecchi.

GRIFO PERUGIA: Bayol, Alessi (19 'st Accettoni), Monetini, Fiorucci C., Ferretti, Rosmini, Tuteri, Brozzetti, Fiorucci G., Timo (25' st Pellegrino), Ceccarelli. Available: Cerasa, Bylykbashi, Zelli, Petrarca, Bianconi. All .: Belia

NETWORKS: 30 'pt Zella (SBL)

REFEREE: Davide Fera di Gallarate (Cinato - Dudas)

NOTES: ammonites: 22 'pt Rosmini (GP)

Andrea Sonaglia Communication
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