Tuesday, January 21 2020
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Three shots at the Jesina and three golden points

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The Fortitudo Mozzecane manages to get three key points away to Jesi. The guests, in a game that saw them dominate at times the game and create various occasions, scored three goals and closed the race with the final result of 1 - 3. The match then offered to the public gialloblù the return of Deila Boni, the most prolific player in the club's history, who did not officially calculate the green rectangle from the 1 December 2013. The attacker has entered the last ten minutes of play, taking over from Martani, author of the third and final goal of Fortitudo.

The game starts immediately in a lively manner, with both teams trying to create dangerous actions, but at the same time they seem to fear the possible restarting opponents. The first big opportunity is the Gialloblù, which go close to the advantage to 12 ', when Pecchini puts the cross on which for a few centimeters can not get to head Gelmetti and Marconi. At 19 'Martani, the number 9 gialloblù, flies to the area, dribbles and concludes; the deviation does not turn into an own goal only thanks to the providential intervention of the defender on the goal line. The advantage came just a minute later: at the 20 'Gelmetti kicked in the area a free-kick from a position on which Peretti arrives, who pushes the pot flat. At the 24 'the landlords almost find the draw, thanks to Battistoni from outside the area takes the crossbar with a powerful shot. The draw of the Jesina comes to 39 'on a penalty kick: Bellucci displaces Venturini. The guests, however, do not let themselves be beaten down and maintain the high playing rhythm; rewarded by their tenacity immediately find the 2-1 thanks to Gelmetti, who at the 43 ', on assists of Martani, pushes into the net.

In the second half Fortitudo immediately try to close the game with Peretti, who at the 5 'kicked strong crossing the second pole, but the goalkeeper manages to save in two stages. The second big chance comes to the 28 ', when Mele, free of the adversary with a dribble, puts in the middle for Gelmetti, who controls and pulls in the turn but is walled by the defense. At the 36 'the game is closed: Gelmetti fight in the area and the ball reaches the feet of Martani, which cold slips at the right corner and frustrates the opponent's hopes of being able to recover the disadvantage. Final result 1 - 3 and three golden points won in a non-easy trip.

Jesina - Fortitudo Mozzecane 1-3

Jesina: Ciccioli, Picchiò, Crocioni (Becci 13 'st), Battistoni, Scarponi, Bellucci (Verdini 36' st), Fiorella (Guidobaldi 43 'st), De Sanctis, Piergallini (Vaccarini 30' st), Fontana, Zambonelli (Gambini 25 'st).

Available: Cantori, Becci, Gambini, Modesti, Vaccarini, Verdini, Guidobaldi.

Coach: Emanuele Iencinella.

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Venturini, Pecchini, Mele C. (Welbeck 32 'st), Lords, Marconi, Malvezzi, Martani (Boni 39' st), Piovani, Peretti, Caneo (Bottigliero 27 'st), Gelmetti.

Available: Olivieri, Salaorni, Welbeck, Bottigliero, Boni.

Coach: Simone Bragantini.

Referee: Torreggiani (Civitavecchia).

Assistants: Massani (Jesi), Moscow (Ancona).

Networks: 20 'pt Peretti, 39' pt Bellucci, 43 'pt Gelmetti, 36' st Martani.

Notes: admonished Fiorella at 10 'st.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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