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The Castelvecchio returns to victory: 4 at 0 at Bologna

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The Castelvecchio, reached Sunday at the top of the standings, hosts for the 8a championship day Bologna, tenth of the class and lingered of seven lengths by the yellow-green, first with 18 points, against the 11 of Bologna.
The Romagnole are returning from the defeat last Sunday in that of Veneto, while the Emilian have passed a period of tarnish and won and tied the last two races.
The lawn of the former stadium in Via Galvani is in excellent condition, sunny day with a good view of the public.

At 4 'Beleffi runs to the right and puts a low ball to the center for Casadei, whose left-footed position puts it to the side.
14 'attempt from Carlini's distance on a free kick to land Guidi is far from the target.
Bologna forward at the 17 'corner kick by Gargan and an imperious Ugolini headed the area.
At the 20 'Emiliane still ahead with Marcanti quick exchange in the area with Minelli trying the shot and Carlini pounced on the ball going to deflect it in the corner. Batte Abouziane heads the ball over the crossbar.
Carlini beats a free kick at the 27 'ball at Nagni kick from outside but Bassi para.
At the 30 'Ugolini for Carlini long launch to bypass the defense where it bursts an extraordinary Rossi that makes 1-0.
36 'Casadei seeks Pastore this lance Petralia kicks and the shot is walled in corner by Simone.
On the developments of the resulting corner Nagni backs for Guidi, whose conclusion is parried on the ground by Bassi.
At the 40 'Castelvecchio is close to doubling with a sling from outside the area of ​​Pastore whistling to the side of the pole.
At the 43 'the romagnole doubles; Petralia makes a magical launch for Guidi, who places the ball under the crossbar, with the last guest who can only watch, but do not avoid the home bomber's net.
It goes to the interval with the yellowloverdi ahead 2-0.
53 'Pastor for Casadei cross for Rossi in the area but is anticipated by the Antolini stopper who sends a corner.
De Vecchis's shot at 56 'ends out, with Pacini controlling the trajectory.
At the 58 'Rigaglia tries again, Pacini takes refuge in a corner.
Two minutes later comes the trio, nice combination in speed and all-headed Rossi-Guidi-Rossi, which achieves the second consecutive center.
70 'emiliane forward with Zanetti exchanges with Marcanti and from the distance forces Pacini to the first challenging parade of the match.
Savignanesi fans in the 72 'minute admiration for the fourth network of the owners; beautiful action Petralia exchanges with Zani who returns the ball, immediately after triangulation with Guidi who returns the ball and right under the net puts the ball into the goal.

The race continues and Mister Varchetta does well to give space to the other holders who are temporarily sitting on the bench.
Ends 4-0 for Castelvecchio, with the girls who celebrate under the steps, the ranking is becoming more beautiful, rising to share 21 where he keeps his head together with Vittorio Veneto that today has struck Riccione with a peremptory 0-4.
The Pro San Bonifacio second at a point wins at home over the Brixen 5-0 and Sunday will present the Old Stadium in Via Galvani where it will sell dear skin.

Networks: 30 'and 60' Rossi, 43 'Guidi, 72' Petralia.

Cattaneo referee in Monza.

Assistants Giusti of Faenza and Sasselli of Cesena.
Ammonites 87 'Ugolini (C).
Spectators: about 80.

Pacini, Beleffi (75 'Carfagna), Amaduzzi A. (63' Amaduzzi M.), Nagni, Ugolini, Carlini, Petralia, Shepherd (66 'Deidda), Guidi (75' Calia), Casadei, Rossi (66 'Zani) .
Montanari, Comandini available.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA.

Bassi, Simone, Casile (72 'Pacella), Cocchi (55' Zanetti), Antolini, Rigaglia, Abouziane (57 'Bolognini), De Vecchis, Minelli, Marcanti, Gargan (44' Rapisarda).
Available to Lauria, Porfiri, Arcamone.
Coach Daniela TAVALAZZI.

Chronicle written by Franco Scolozzi
Savignano sul Rubicone 12 November 2017

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