The Romagnano wins away

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There are victories that weigh more than others. And when these victories come away, starting at the 6 in the morning and finding a field that has become a sort of pool in the second half, you have the feeling of having won as a team.

It 'a little' what happened to Romagnano in the Tuscan field of Porcari: against the bottom of the Lucchese success only gained in the final, but could not be otherwise. The match was not beautiful, but competitive none of the 22s in the field has pulled back. The result was a male race, unpredictable, resolved at the 37 'recovery from a perfect action of Romagnano: The Russian puts Donderi in front of the goalkeeper with a touch below, the host striker maintains the coldness and serves Cerini that empty port bags comfortably. Previously it was once again Marabelli who kept her companions alive with two prizes at the beginning of the second half. At this point also the ranking becomes more rosy: in the middle of the first leg Romagnano has obtained two wins, two draws and two defeats and has already faced almost all the big players with the exception of Florentia.

Lucchese: Landi, Passaglia, Torre (1'st Atzei), Lehmann, Frediani, Cantini, Pieroni, Mase, Biancalana, Bengasi, Di Lupo.

Romagnano: Marabelli, Tuberga, Giannetti, Saglietti (35'st Pella), Scalcon, Franco, Veronese (42'st Di Piero), Antonietti, Cerini, Lo Russo, Orgiu (23'st Donderi). Available: Brancaglion, Nidasio, Zignone. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Battiato di Genova.
Network: 37'st Cerini.
Notes: ammonite Cantini, Scalcon.

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