Sunday, 26 January 2020
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A coriacea Imolese F & M wedged the tie last second

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Under the pouring rain, the Jesina immediately started strong, taking the lead on the first opportunity with Fontana, good at evading the defense of Manara and leaping out of the Irace, bagging for the 1-0 host.
At the 9 'the Marches have the opportunity to double, but the conclusion ends at the bottom.

The girls of Mr. Morotti try to be seen by the parties of Ciccioli, but did not worry the extreme defender. Porcarelli tries to beat Iraci with a volley, after being served on the first post by a partner, but the goalkeeper rossoblu in two stages neutralizes. In a counterattack, Colasuonno tries to reestablish the equilibrium, in a defiled position he looks for the placed solution that ends up in the arms of the 12 number.
The Jesina becomes dangerous with a baffled from the edge of Becci, with the ball that ends slightly to the side.
The Imolese tries the way of the goal by discovering slightly and giving the guests the chance to start off guard. This is how the action is developed at 34 'with Becci being thrown on the offside line, serving a wonderful opportunity on the first post that Fontana sends out of the mirror a handful of centimeters.
A few minutes from the rest comes the doubling of guests with Becci, who pierces Iraci a few meters from the door.

In the second part of the game, despite the playground made heavy by the rain, Imola tries to reopen the match. The opportunity comes at the fifteenth minute, when the referee Petrov indicates the penalty spot after a knockdown in the area against Colasuonno. From eleven meters, it is Polidori who transforms the penalty.
The rossoblu, galvanized by the network, are poured into the attack in search of a draw.
The Jesina contains the landlords and entrusts its offensive maneuver to some lightning rebounds; on one of these, the white marchigiane get a punishment on the right outs. On the punishment, there is the passage to the center, Battistoni frees the right that ends out.
The rossoblu pride comes out in the last minutes, Polidori head launches Colasuonno, the conclusion is prey of Ciccioli.
With the two formations in the field very long, Jesina has the opportunity for the third mark, Fontana lacks the hook on the cross to the kiss of a white-knit companion.
In the last minute Imola has two opportunities for the goal of the equal. The first with Colasuonno that shoots on the offside but can not overcome Ciccioli, good to cling the ball with his feet snatching the number 10 rossoblu. The same Colasuonno, ten seconds from the end, serves from the right Polidori who heads over the goalkeeper overtaking him with a lob.

So ends up a compelling game, with the girls of Mr. Morotti protagonists of a second time of character, during which they believed the draw until the last second.


IMOLESE F & M: Iraci, Antonellini, Bastianelli, Purified, Threshold, Manara, Giovannini (45 'Papa), Baharvand, Polidori, Colasuonno, Finotello (87' Lenzi). Available: Lazzaro, Ait Bouazza. All .: Morotti.

JESINA CF: Ciccioli, Picchio, Crocioni, Battistoni, Becci (61 'Piergallini), Porcarelli (79' 27 Verdini), Scarponi, Bellucci, Fiorella (74 'Durante), De Sanctis (77' Modesti), Fontana (85 'Oleucci ). A disp .: Cantori, Gallina. All .: Iencinella.

Referee: Petrov of Rome 1 (Ceglia and Mazzanti di Imola)
Networks: 4 'Fontana (J), 43' Becci (J), 60 'and 93' Polidori (I).
Ammonite: Polidori, Porcarelli.

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