Tuesday, September 17 2019
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Rome XIV Decimoquarto - Female Latina Calcio 1-1

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In Settebagni at the Salaria Sport Village, two beautiful teams with good future ambitions for this championship take to the field.
The race in fact will prove exciting and full of opportunities from both teams, with many supporters enjoyed the show offered.
The draw may perhaps seem a bit 'tight to the Latina, but the tenacity and determination of the girls of Mr. Gagliardi, who especially in the second half have tried in every way to straighten the race, honor the capitoline and then we think that in the end the 1-1 results the most correct result.

But let's get to the chronicle of the match.
They start better the girls of Mr. Colantuoni, it is above all the former Filippi to become dangerous to 9 'with a big blow that takes the cross in full. At the 14 'it is the turn of Pisa to become dangerous, but his shot ends out. At the 20 'the Ietto throttles his throat of joy when he sees his safe shot saved by a super intervention of Quartullo.
So far, almost only Latina, the Decimoquarto tries to react, but too timidly and with little conviction. At 30 'Carrarini and Natalucci, but his shot ends out of little, the same fate to 32 touches to Vinci who sees his turn on the fly out.

At the 35 'the right advantage of the guests arrives. Punishment well kicked by Mallorca who puts the ball in the middle of the area where it is ready bomber Spagnoli head bag.
At the end of the first fraction G.Boldrini launches in the opposing area Fortunati but you can see the ball subtract the last second from an excellent defensive intervention by Silvi.
Begins the second half and it seems that it is still the Latin to hold the reins of the game becoming dangerous with Spagnoli, Ietto and the usual Filippi, but this time the capitoline react.
At the 53 'first change for RomaXIV forced to replace Pellegrini with Monti due to injury. Shortly after Gagliardi replaces a turned off NicosiaVinci with Josufi and a minute after Di Giammarino face to face with the goalkeeper can not overcome Natalucci, the number 1 of Latina is repeated on a half turn in the Fortunati area and temporarily saves the result.
The guests are still under with Spagnoli but his shot is high.
The new entry Josufi more substance forward and also shows it with a nice header touches the pole.
At the 75 'comes the long-awaited draw for the Roman team. The referee decrees a central free kick from the edge of the area, the beating takes charge of Giulia Boldrini, who with a great shot under the crossbar surprised the guest goalkeeper.
At the 78 'clamorous opportunity for Di Giammarino that alone in front of the goalkeeper is neutralized by Natalucci so that redeems the great of the small indecision on the goal, saving the result.
The race practically ends here, a golden point for both teams, who leave the field with the awareness of being really two beautiful teams and who will fight to the end in this really nice and exciting series B championship.

29 / 10 / 2017 women's football B-series group D
Rome XIV Decimoquarto - Female Latina Calcio 1-1
35'pt Spagnoli (LT), 30'st Boldrini G. (XIV)

Quartullo, Panichi, Vecciarelli, G.Boldrini, S.Boldrini, Pellegrini, Vinci, Simeone, Fortunati, Carrarini, Di Giammarino.
available: Riso, Monti, Santacroce, Jusufi, Romanelli, Pezzino, Forgnone
Coach: GAGLIARDI Alessandro

Natalucci, Gambarotta, Testa, Di Fazio, Silvi, Di Federico, Majorca, Pisa, Spagnoli, Ietto, Filippi.
available: Marescalchi, Furci, Cusella, Campanelli, Presutto, Rizzato, Messore.

arbitrator: CAPPAI of Cagliari


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