Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Fortitudo Mozzecane, home equal at the expiration against Pordenone

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The Fortitudo Mozzecane does not go beyond the 1-1 at home with Pordenone: the game began after a minute of reflection, during which the president of Fortitudo Giuseppe Boni read a passage from the diary of Anne Frank after the sad facts concerning the Lazio fans.

The Gialloblù, after the three points won last Sunday against La Saponeria Unigross in anticipation of the 6 ° day, started immediately to attack to try to find the advantage: at 6 'a good exchange took place between Martani and Gelmetti, with quest 'last that managed to create space by dribbling the opponent defender and putting a tricky cross for Piovani, who by a whisker does not get on the ball. After only 5 minutes to become dangerous is Lords, who tries to place flat from the edge of the area on the passage of Gelmetti but is walled by the defense of Pordenone. Between the 16 'and the 18' two other dangerous crosses arrive: first Piovani for Gelmetti, who hooks up but can not finish, then Gelmetti for Martani, who, however, can not get on the ball just high.

At the 22 ', after actions that have seen only the landlords protagonists, Piovani has the opportunity to bring his team in the lead, but his turn is saved by goalkeeper Ferin S. After just four minutes is Carraro that makes a sigh of relief to the visiting team, when from outside the area turns and shoots at the low corner, conquering the corner after the beautiful parade of Ferin S. Just before the interval tries to score Caneo, at 42 'on free kick and 44' with a low shot, but in both cases the goalkeeper blocks.

The second half still begins with the dangers created by the punishment of Fortitudo: at 7 'Martani does not go far from the crossroads and 9' Piovani pulls strong and central forcing the extreme defender to a parade in two stages. After 27 minutes comes the goal of Pordenone with Paoletti, who exploits a hole in defense and places a round on the far post from inside the area. The gialloblù not be discouraged by the adversary network, which took place at the first real opportunity created, and push to find a draw: at 28 'Martani, Peretti filtering, kicks strong on Ferin S. The Pordenone is more active in the second half and becomes dangerous at 32 'with the punishment of Ferin C., parade in two times by Olivieri, and the 44' with Cimarosti, which is stopped by Salaorni before you can kick into the area. At the 47 ', when there are only two minutes to the final whistle, Bottigliero finds the goal that allows Fortitudo to get to the tie: great melee in the area for the last assault of the landlord and the substituted Bottigliero that turns and puts it all low corner Final result 1-1.

Fortitudo Mozzecane - Pordenone 1-1

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Pecchini, Welbeck, Lords, Caliari, Salaorni, Piovani, Carraro (24 'St Dal Molin), Martani, Caneo (34' St Bottigliero), Gelmetti (19 'St Peretti).

Available: Venturini, Malvezzi, Marconi, Mele C., Dal Molin, Bottigliero, Peretti.

Coach: Simone Bragantini.

Pordenone: Ferin S., Piazza, Perin, Paoletti, Padovan, Zanetti (33 'st Gava), Pugnetti (6' st Cimarosti), Faggiani, Schiavo, Ferin C., Dri.

Available: From Ronch, Perissinotto, Tomasi, Cimarosti, Desinano, Gava, Hurtado.

Coach: Sara Di Filippo.

Referee: Agostoni (Milan).

Assistants: Eminente and Pellini (Legnago).

Networks: 27 'st Paoletti (Pordenone), 47' st Bottigliero (Fortitudo Mozzecane).

Notes: ammonite Piazza (Pordenone), Padovan (Pordenone).

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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