Monday, January 27 2020
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Tris of Riccione at the Women Soccer Castelnuovo

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After the break from the Serie B Championship, the Feminine Riccione Calcio returns with a round 3-0 and closes the Women Soccer Castelnuovo practice. Strong part of the Green Pearl with Perone who launches deep Fratini face to face with the goalkeeper but is hypnotized by kicking them on. A minute later, Giardina shoots high, while at the 8 'Giardina is still the one to conclude on the development of a corner.

Again guests forward to the 28 'verticalization of Balducci to look for Giardina in depth the two central defenders collide letting go to the attacker riccionese who tries a lob that exceeds the goalkeeper but ends to the side. The Castelnuovo is seen in the half hour with Cravero who threatens Meletti with a nice shot from outside the area that caresses the pole to the left of the goalkeeper. We move to the second fraction: to the 47'bella action on the right of Marcattili who is landed in the area by the full-back Abruzzo. Fratini goes on to the penalty spot but the low shot goes just a little to the right of the post. At the 49 'another beautiful action of Marcattili that frees on the right and goes to the cross on the far post to look for Giardina that impacts well on the fly but Nardulli is saved on the line. Riccione in pressing at 71 ', stubborn action by

Fratini recovering a nice ball on the left, he jumps the fullback and is focused by starting a shot looking for the far post. The ball would have gone out but Giardina found herself ready for the rebound on the net, thus signing her first goal in the league. The Riccione continues to attack to close the game: high ball in the area for Sommella all'80 'that controls and with a reversed puts the ball in the center, on the ball intervenes Fratini that on the fly by a few steps sign the 0-2. Last moments of the match: 87 'verticalization for Fratini that inflates the bag but the linesman cancels, but a minute later Perone (pictured) looking for a cross from the edge, the ball returned to her, that without thinking twice, impacts the ball for the final 0-3 at half-height. The words of the biancazzurro coach Gianluca Lorenzi: "The girls were very good we risked little and always kept the ball of the game.We also had a lot of goal balls not exploited properly, keeping the opponents in the game until the last fifteen minutes , where we managed to realize the game expressed by scoring three goals, satisfied with the result and also with the express game ".

Next engagement Wednesday 1 November 17.00 hours Stadio Nicoletti in the presence of Bologna.

Networks: (71 ° GIARDINA, 80 ° FRATINI, 88 ° PERONE)
WOMAN SOCCER CASTELNUOVO: Nardulli, Bruno, Di domenico, Venziale (86 'Fiore), Tontodonati, Marroni, Lover (85' Marini), D'ignazio, Speca, Monterubbianesi, Cravero. Available Flower, Dwelling, Leaf, Romans, Di Gianmatteo, Di Sante. All. Francesco Mucci.
FEMALE FOOTBALL RICCIONE: Meletti, Sintini, Balducci (60 'Calli), Gostoli (85' Albani), Rodriguez, Cavalcoli Serena, Fratini, Marcattili (64 'Cavalcoli G.), Giardina (75' Sommella), Russarollo (69 'Vancini ), Perone. Available Della Chiara, Urbinati. All. Gianluca Lorenzi.

Dr. Veronica Lisotti
Sports Journalist
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Author: draftingEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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