Novese - Romagnano

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Novese - Romagnano 4-3

On paper was an uphill match, in fact, the Romagnano has scared the much more listed Novese risking a resounding draw.

After a first time in which the grenade was kept afloat by a scintillating performance of its goalkeeper Marabelli, things changed in the second half and the Romagnano, under 4-1, went close to a memorable comeback. The injured Nidasio and Villarboito were missing, as well as Buccella, who moved to Australia for a few weeks. But Elena Zignone also took the field and in the second half dragged the team, a team that has given great signs of awakening. If 4-4 had ended, in fact, there would have been nothing to say.
In the first half they are the Alexandrians to be preferred. The local advantage of Rigolino immediately responded Lo Russo, great protagonist of the day. His punishment was worth the momentary draw, but the Novese did not break down: before the interval he scored in two other circumstances with Levis and Di Stefano and forced Marabelli to overtime. The feeling is that there could not be a game, but the move of Decaroli at the beginning of recovery has had the desired effect: outside Veronese and Saglietti, inside Zignone and Pella, with transition to a more balanced 4-3-1-2. La Novese has risked to capitulate (amazing Carpi parade on the edge of Zignone), scored the 4-1 counterattack, but then thought too early to have won. The Romagnano threw himself angrily forward, shortening the distances at first with a header of Franco on the punishment of Lo Russo and then with another kick placed by the same Lo Russo. The final assault goes well but does hope for the midweek round of Wednesday against the Friendship Lagaccio.

Novi: Carpi, Marigonda, Lardo, Draghi (34'st Marenco), Rigolino, Di Stefano, Ambrosi, Ravera (6'st Zecchino), Levis (12'st Mensi), Acolytes (40'st Mariano), Arroyo. Available: Bandini, Franchi, Rolando. All .: Fossati (disqualified).

Romagnano: Marabelli, Tuberga, Giannetti, Franco, Scalcon, Saglietti (10'st Pella), Veronese (10'st Zignone), Antonietti, Cerini, Lo Russo, Donderi. Available: Brancaglion, Di Piero, Lomazzi, Cervellin, Orgiu. All .: Decaroli.

Referee: Marra di Mantova.
Networks: pt 25 'Rigolino (N), 30' Lo Russo (R), 36 'Levis (N), 41' Di Stefano (N); st 30 'Acolytes (N), 33' Franco (R), 37 'Lo Russo (R).

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