Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Vicenza deludes itself with the draw of Novello, but the Unterland wins 2-1

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New defeat for Vicenza surrendering for 2-1 against Unterland
Damen: first half balanced with Novello who responds after a few minutes to the advantage of Dallagiacoma; second time more in favor of the South Tyrol who miss a penalty with Ernandes and find the victory goal with Pasqualini.

Before the kick-off, it was read by the two captains this passage taken from the Diary of Anne Frank, following the recent episodes of
"I see the world slowly changing into a desert, I hear more and more the approach of the rumble that will kill us as well, I participate in the pain of millions of men, yet, when I look at the sky, I think that everything will turn again to good, that even this ruthless hardness will cease, which will return order, peace and serenity "

Ready away and the Unterland is immediately dangerous with a penalty by Settecasi from the right that ends just over the crossbar.
Vicenza responds with Bettinardi: the n.11 receives at the edge back to the goal, is focused and kick but the ball flies over the intersection of the poles.

At 25 'Fortuna tries on a free kick, but the ball goes down too late and goes off over the crossbar.

At the 38 'Unterland Damen took the lead: Dallagiacoma recovers the ball in a dangerous area, enters the area and with the right Scarmin hole on the first post.
The reaction of Vicenza, however, does not wait and at 44 'Novello adjusts the result on 1-1: Bettinardi receives and raises a ball over the defenders for the n.17 that overtook Marmentini in speed and square with the left-handed on the second post .

It goes to rest on the right result of 1-1 after a balanced first half. The recovery, however, is more in favor of the South Tyrolean who start immediately strong.

At 55 'dangerous punishment of Dallagiacoma that touches the double on a free kick, but the ball flies over the intersection of the poles.

At the 60 'episode from moviola: Ernandes ends up on the ground in the penalty area after a doubtful contact and the referee grants the shot from the 11 meters to the Unterland; the n.10 comes from the spot but hits the inside post to the right of Scarmin, with the biancorossa n.12 that intuits the trajectory of the ball.

A few minutes later the South Tyroleans took the lead again:
cross from the right of Muco for Pasqualini who with a great header turns the ball into the goal for the 2-1.

The Vicenza fails to sting up front and remains at the mercy of the attacks
opponents: Novello, Fortuna and Calandra try their luck, but their conclusions go far from the mirror of the goal defended by Schroffenegger.

Still Dallagiacoma tries to fly from outside but Scarmin smanaccia over the crossbar and denies her personal double.
Last chance at the 92 'for the Unterland Damen with Ernandes who tries diagonally, but the n.12 biancorossa deviates in the corner.

Thus ends 2-1 for the Unterland Damen that brings home the second victory of the season.
Another unlucky test for Vicenza who plays well the first half and keeps up with the South Tyrolean, but in the second half a bit 'and fatigue ahead.

Wednesday we are back on the field for the midweek round at Jesina's home, defeated today for 2-0 from San Marino. As for the trip to Pescara, the girls will stay Tuesday night at the Hotel Federico II of Jesi and then take the field the next day at 14: 30.

Vicenza Women's Football - Unterland Damen 1-2

Vicenza Women's Football (4-3-3)
Scarmin; Pomi R (76 'Balestro), Missiaggia (C), Pegoraro, Frighetto; Rigon, Fortuna, Calandra; Bettinardi, Novello, Cuomo (63 'Pomi S.) Available: Lazzari, Toniollo All. Dori Cristian

Unterland Damen (4-5-1)
Schroffenegger; Bon, Menegoni, Amort, Marmentini; Settecasi (46 'pt Ernandes), Dallagiacoma, Ferraris (C) (72' Turrini), Barbaconi (52 'Mucus), Peer; Pasqualini (88 'Targa) Available: Spitaler, Turani, Varrone All. Trentini Massimo

Referee: Diop Abdoulaye (Treviglio)
Assistants: Marodin Marco, Dust Filippo (Vicenza)
Recovery: 1 '; 3 '

Vicenza Women's Football Press Office

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