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An unsurpassable Elisabetta Rossi drags the Castelvecchio to the fourth consecutive victory

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Today in Savignano there is the Venetian team of Fortitudo Mozzecane and the former stadium of the city of Romagna is in excellent condition, beautiful sunny day and good view of spectators on the steps.
The landlords immediately create a good number of occasions like the 2 ', Casadei sets from the right and a perfect cross for Rossi but the goalkeeper comes out and para.
At the XNXX 'launch of Carlini for Guidi, flew on the band that surprised the local defense, but Olivieri rejects the attempt at the exit.

After the first 10 minutes both teams face each other in midfield, with contrasts and various attempts to move in the opposing half.
At the 13 'Martani is trying to surprise the home goalkeeper, from about 20 meters kick a shot, but para Pacini.
In the passing of the minutes the Castelvecchio becomes more and more dangerous, first with a free kick by Beleffi, then with a triangulation Guidi Casadei who shoots out of the first post from five meters.
The Venetians are shown at 19 'with a header from the center of Carraro, Pacini blocks.

At the 21 'Rossi's descent chased by the fullback reaches the limit kick and Olivieri rejects in the corner. Batte Deidda headed by Guidi out a little.
The landlords are still dangerous on the counterattack at the 23 '; new descent of an inexhaustible Rossi, takes to the bottom makes a cross picked by Nagni, whose shot ends up.
Counterattack Mozzecane with Carraro player all over the field, the same at 26 'recovers ball in midfield launches Gelmetti that shoots the high ball above the door.
Punishment Castelvecchio at 30 'on the ball Amaduzzi A. shoots a diagonal that ends just outside the left of the goalkeeper.

34 'Goes on the band Beleffi cross in the area for Guidi that goes on the ball without fail but is anticipated by a nothing from Caliari that puts in the corner.
Guests forward and at the 40 'is landed at the Piovani limit, beats Salaorni but does not frame the door.
Minute 43 'the race is unlocked with Rossi who deflects a goal from Carfagna cross and inflate the network.
Last minute drops the ball to the foot until mid-field Amaduzzi A., makes a long throw in the penalty area, Beleffi pounced on the ball but is anticipated by the defender that sweeps in the corner.
The first half ends with the 1 result at 0 in favor of Castelvecchio.

Shooting, 48 'Nagni throws Rossi who takes the ball goes away to a defender enters the area you drink the stopperl Caliari kicks and the Venetian goalkeeper is very good at deflecting the ball into the corner.
The reaction of the Venetian team is there, with a couple of occasions, as at the 50 ° Martani shoots a blow from the edge of the area but Pacini is careful and para.
Martella still guest and 58 'cross of Martano x Peretti that touches the ball without framing the door, danger escaped the Castel blocks Pacini.
Fortitude in attack with counterattack of Caneo, the same is put to the ground to a meter from the limit. On the ball the same player, pulls but the ball ends up.
65 'danger in the Gialloverde area is stretched almost at the height of the flag Pecchini, beats Peretti with the ball that crosses the whole area, defending yellow-green defender, comes in speed Piovani that uncoordinated sends out.

You are still ahead with the defense of Romagna that goes more than once in trouble under the pressure of the gritty host team and so in the favorable moment of Fortitudo reaches the minute 84 'doubling for the Romagnole; Nagni with power takes possession of the ball, gives it to Guidi who launches an irresistible Rossi who enters the area and on the exit of Olivieri crosses it with a lob and puts the ball into the net. Apotheosis in the stands and great sigh of relief.

Guests never domi and at the 87 ° Salaorni obtains a punishment, the same on the ball and with a fireball tries to worry Pacini that replies to clenched fists.
Two minutes later another nice parade of Pacini on a difficult shot of Piovani from over 25 meters.

Ms. Bianchi referee of Prato decrees five minutes of recovery and the 93 'Peretti, certainly the best in the field for the Venetian team, lets start a diagonal that slips into the right to the right of Pacini who can not nothing.
The race ends.

An unsurpassable Elisabetta Rossi drags the Castelvecchio to the fourth consecutive victory and taking advantage of the internal defeat of the Jesina, the Romagnola team leaps to the top of the standings alone.
The girls of Mister Varchetta, today although not shining like the first outings, liquidate the Mozzecane team tough and well put in place, which sold dear skin until the final whistle, as evidenced by the network at the 93 minute.
Now two weeks of stop for the National Women's matches.

Markers: 43 'and 84' Rossi (C), 90 + 3 'Peretti (F) .-

Referee Mrs Deborah Bianchi di Prato
Assistants Mrs. Sasselli and Mr. Zampa of Cesena
Ammonites: 39 'Gelmetti (F), at the 65' Ugolini (C) .-

Pacini, Carfagna (57 'Ugolini), Amaduzzi M., Nagni, Amaduzzi A., Carlini, Beleffi, Deidda (71' Zani), Guidi, Casadei, Rossi (87 'Pracucci).
Available to Montanari F., Comandini, Pastore, Calia.-
Coach VARCHETTA Flavio.

Olivieri, Mele C. (87 'Bonfante), Welbeck Naseko (60' Pecchini), Lords, Caliari (74 'Marconi), Salaorni, Peretti, Carraro, Piovani, Gelmetti, Martani.
Available Venturini, Caneo, Mele A.
BRAGANTINI coach Simone.

Savignano Sul Rubicone 08 October 2017
Press Secretary Castelvecchio Franco SCOLOZZI

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