Saturday, 25 January 2020
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Castelvecchio, measuring victory on the field of the Imola

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At the Gialloverdi of Savignano sul Rubicone the derby with the Imolese goes and above all another victory that certifies the excellent start of the championship of the girls of Mister Varchetta.
Castelvecchio more enterprising, at the 3 ° action on the right wing, Casadei ball that throws a shot that ends just above the crossbar.
A minute later, with the help of Guidi's left hand, he deflected the defender, a nice save by Bastianelli.

Action of the home team all'11 ° with a great shot from the edge of Lazzaro that ends out to the left of Montanari.
Shuffling in the Imola area at minute 17 'with a beat and beaten and the ball is sent to the corner by the home defense.
Another opportunity for the Castelvecchio at 20 'with Beleffi with a diagonal low shot from the right with a ball that ends out just a little.
Castelvecchio with full sail and Imolese in confusion; five minutes later a shot by Nagni deflected by Guidi was saved with a bit of difficulty from the goalkeeper.
29 'Goals from Guidi's right-footed shot to Rossi's assist hits the inside post and Rossi does not get on the rebound.

Continue to attack the Castelvecchio, 35 ° strikes Rossi's low shot on the near post for the goalkeeper in two stages.
Very close to the advantage the yellow-green Savignanesi; 41 'cross from the right Head for Rossi who kicks and here the home goalkeeper is overcome going to deflect the ball.
Deidda at 43 'from twenty meters launch a great shot that ends just outside the intersection of the poles.
Almost a goal from Castelvecchio a minute later Guidi's head on a cross from Beleffi hits the post in full.
45 ° still beat and beaten in Imola area and is still very good goalkeeper on the shots of Deidda first and Nagni after.
The first half ends with the result of 0-0 with many regrets for Castelvecchio.
Shooting again Castelvecchio forward and at 49 'on a cross from the back of Amaduzzi A., Beleffi does not reach the final conclusion.

51 'Imolese dangerous with Purificato that crosses from three quarters and here is good Carlini to anticipate Lazzaro in corner.
54 'free kick beat by 25 meters from striker Guidi para Bastanielli.
60 'still Imolese forward with Braci striking the single crossbar ahead of Montanari.
61 'penalty kick for the Castelvecchio for a handball in the area; on the ball the Bomber Guidi that displaces the goalkeeper.
Imolese counterattack at 65 ', but Amaduzzi A. is good to anticipate the Lazzaro and Purificato attackers.
67 'always the romagnole forward on a cross from Beleffi from the right Rossi in the middle does not impact.
76 'Nagni for Rossi who from the left to download for Guidi and from the central limit only kick.
Always good opportunity for the guests with Rossi who starts from midfield, arrives alone in front of the goalkeeper and she also central and Bastianelli para.
82 'Imola action with a melee in the yellow-green area but that ends with a stalemate.
90 'still Castelvecchio, falls from the Zani ball to the edge limit for Beleffi who downloads for Calia which sends the ball just outside.
Ended the race, fought and won deservedly by Castelvecchio who remains at the top of the stand with the Jesina.

Marker: 61 'Guidi.-

Bastianelli, Baharvand, Lenzi, Polidori, Zandomenichi, Giovannini, Soglia, Antonellini, Lazzaro, Purificato, Braci.
At the disposal of Nahi, Manara, Dedeo, Finotello, Chiarini, Zotti, Papa, Ait Bouazza.
Mauro MOROTTI coach.

Montanari, Amaduzzi A., Amaduzzi M., Nagni, Beleffi, Carlini, Carfagna, Casadei (86 'Bizzocchi), Guidi, Deidda (68' Zani), Rossi (80 'Calia).
Pacini, Pracucci, Comandini, De Carli are available.
Coach Flavio VARCHETTA

Franco Scolozzi Press Officer Castelvecchio Calcio

Imola 01 October 2017

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