Friday, January 17 2020
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Salento Women Soccer, bitter defeat in the home of the armored Roma Women's football

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Debut in the bitter league for the girls of Salento Women Soccer defeats away from the armored Roma Women. A misstep that can also be against the first of the class and that has matured in a situation of great emergency for the team of Salento forced to take the field without three defensive line. "I can not hide that the absences have weighed on our performance, but that does not mean that we could have done better - underlines the trainer Vera Indino -.

I did not particularly like the approach to the race, we would have to face the adversaries with a little more courage, a characteristic that is in our DNA. I am sure that this defeat will serve as a lesson for my girls, especially the younger ones. "It should be said that the Salento Women Soccer, in this season" Pezzuto Group ", took to the field in Rome with four in Serie B rookies: strikers Elena Bruno, 2002 class, and Claudette Xuereb, 1996 class, midfielder Annapaola Taurino, 2001 class, and defender Teryana Chierico, 1991 class.

In the next round, the Giallorossi will play at home against another Capitoline formation, Roma XIV. The match will be played from 13.30 on the synthetic Sogliano Cavour.

Roma Femminile-Salento Women Soccer 4-0

Female Roma: Casaroli, Capparelli, Bevilacqua (Sclavo), Lorè (Berarducci), Cacchioni, Morra, Weithofer, Monaco (Norido), Pedullà (Conte), Proietti, Visentin (Tumbarello). On the bench: Felicella, Pecchia. Piras coach.
Salento Women Soccer: Mariano, Chierico, Felline, Ouacif (30 'pt Pinto), Zaccaria, Xuereb, Guido, Costadura, Cazzato, D'Amico, Bruno (35' st Taurino). On the bench: Errico, Vitti. Vera Indino coach.
Referee: Palumbo di Bari.
Marking: in the pt 10 'Proietti on rigor; 21 'Visentin; in the ST 10 ', 15' Project.
Notes: about two hundred spectators. Ammonite: Sclavo (R), Guido (S).

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