Friday, January 17 2020
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Victory away for Real Meda by Mr. Zaninello

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Gianni Zaninello's best of the Serie B Championship for Real Meda is that he finds the victory in the difficult trip to Veneto against Giancarlo Murro's biancoscudate of Padova. The panthers impose themselves dominating the game from the first minutes, on a day of consecration for the young 2000 class Anita Coda, author of a shotgun. A demanding match not only on paper as last year Padova had arrived second by touching the promotion in A, but also in thickness due to the absence of Dubini's pillar in the field for a warning to be served and Ragone leaving the bench as he still taken with the recoveries of the intervention suffered last season.

The panthers start immediately to the rescue with Coda 2 'minute of play by engaging Paccagnella in a parade that at the 9' is again to defend the door of Padua with the shot of Moroni. Continue pressing the Meda that at the 19 'on the cross of Beretta tries to unlock the result with the usual Coda but is anticipated by the opposing goalkeeper. Comes to the 23 'an opposing response with Fabbruccio that is in the area alone but kicked a little to the side, while at the 27' we try Cattuzzo that engages Ripamonti in a parade on the ground. At the 30 'the Meda goal was canceled with Arosio in offside position. A few minutes later Coda tries again from distance but once again finds Paccagnella ready to parry, the same thing valid for Molteni's cross at 40 '. At the 41 'finally unlocks the result in favor of Real Meda punishment on the edge of the area: kick Moroni, deviates Coppola, beat and retaliate and arrives Coda puts in the network. Before the whistle of the end of the first portion of the game, still Coda tries the shot but nothing to do.

Back in the field in the second half in a match that becomes more and more physical and heavy with rainy weather conditions. First real action after the interval is from the biancoscudate with Spanish who tries the shot, but Ripamonti is easy. Opportunity to 11 for Meda with double throw Fusi-Campisi. The Padova gains confidence and at 13 'close to the goal: Fabbruccio head, in front of Ripamonti, turns to the net but the goalkeeper is ready and goes into grip. Continue the siege of the girls of Murro who try shooting with Carli and then with Cattuzzo, but Ripamonti is always ready with great saves.

The first change arrives at the 25 'for the Meda: the Campisi summer purchase goes out and the young Zorzetto enters. The team of Mr. Zaninello continues to press with Roma who takes pole and captain Fusi on the kicked high kick over the crossbar. At the 28 'change for Padua with Nicoletto for Spanish, while at the 34' another change for Meda with Molteni coming out for Ragone. At 40 'Fusi you need a perfect ball for Coda that shoots on the fly, but Paccagnella deflects for a corner. Last change for the Panthers with Moroni that gives way to the class' 99 Fiore. At 45 'hard foul on Coda: Vergani charges to beat with a soft ball that is rejected head. Change for the Biancoscudate: Saggion for Rapesi. You play until the last minutes of recovery: at the 49 'the new entry Fiore spins Coda that in a regular position in line with the defenders, pulls first intention and scores the personal double and the end from the match.

Next meeting Sunday 8 October at the "Stadio Icmesa" of Meda against the newly promoted Fiammamonza.

Final result: Padova - Real Meda 0 - 2

Padua: Paccagnella, Ferrri, Amidei, Spanish, Quaglia, Sarain, Fabbruccio, Fusetti, Carli, Saggion, Cattuzzo. (Available: Dona, Callegaro, Dido, Lancellotti, Rapesi, Nicoletto)
All. Mr. Giancarlo Murro

Real Meda: Ripamonti, Rome, Beretta, Coppola, Vergani, Moroni, Fusi, Molteni, Coda, Arosio, Campisi. (Available: Pizzi, Zorzetto, Ragone, Fadini, Marelli, Fiore, Dalla Pria)
All. Mr. Gianni Zaninello


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