Friday, February 28 2020
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Novese - San Bernardo Luserna

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Novese - San Bernardo Luserna 1 at 3

Tells the story that Napoleon to choose his marshals did not evaluate their strategic capabilities but if they were lucky.

And for half an hour of the second half the blindfolded goddess did not turn her back on a San Bernardo Luserna who felt a lot of the race after the elimination of last year from the Italian Cup and for the many ex.

A race that shortly after half an hour seemed downhill and reopened by a misunderstanding of the rearguard at the end of the first fraction.
As mentioned until the 30 'of the second half the team has suffered the vehement offensives of the premises where in addition to a bit of luck rose on the proscenium the concierge Chiara Serafino

The Novese starts at the 11 with a header that Serafino extends to deviate into the corner. At the 18 'Moretti is relentless after a solitary gallop in beating the goalkeeper.
Up to half an hour nothing to report: try the Novese with a diagonal that Serafino blocks on the ground; at 37 'Moretti makes the favor to Tudisco that from a distance of thirty meters puts the ball where the goalkeeper can not reach.
Not even the time to make two considerations on what has happened so far and throw a look at the other fields that Arroyo reopens the race by exploiting a mess of defense.

At the beginning of the shooting again Tudisco then the Novese takes the ball into his hand and begins to push frantically. Lavarone and Marinoni save two raids on the bands at the 16 'first very occasional for the landlord. On the first subsequent conclusion to the corner is the crossbar to say no on the rebate without a head shot, Serafino with a feline leap nails the ball a few inches from the goal line. At the 30 'photocopy of Novese.
At the end is Barbieri to close the race with the winning deviation on the corner.

With this victory the San Bernardo Luserna is hoisted alone at the top of the standings.

Sunday at 15 home appointment in Poirino against the Ligurian Friends of Lagaccio

S. Bernardo Luserna: Serafino, Marinoni, Zella, Tudisco, Devecchi (86 'Moscia), Greppi, Amandola (60' Mellano), Lavarone, Moretti (75 'White), Pisano, Barbieri. Available: Olivetti, Schiavi, Prencipe. All. Canton

Networks: 18 'Moretti, 37' Tudisco, 39 'Arroyo, 85' Barbieri

S.Bernardo Luserna press office

photo by Giorgia Tudisco

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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