Monday, September 16 2019
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Piai marks, the Vittorio Veneto passes to Mozzecane

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After the disappointment of the first round of the Italian Cup, in which Fortitudo was released against Agsm Verona, the Gialloblù seek redemption in the first game of the Serie B championship. Despite a lot of determination fielding the points do not arrive: Vittorio Veneto wins thanks to Piai's goal.

After the initial whistle the girls under the orders of the technician Simone Bragantini start a real fight in midfield with the players of Vittorio Veneto. The game is immediately fought and sometimes even a little 'nervous. After nine minutes Piovani concludes and wins a corner after the refused goalkeeper. The players of the two teams run and attack each ball, but the obvious opportunities are few. After 30 minutes in which nothing striking happens comes a dubious situation: Gelmetti falls in the area for an opponent contact after trying to hit the ball placed in the middle by Peretti. At the 32 'of the first half Martani has the opportunity to take advantage of the team, but the shot, which took place after a good turn in the area, ends high above the crossbar. The referee whistles after two minutes of recovery. A first time of great competition, but with neither team that manages to overpower the other.

The second half began immediately well for the away team: Piai at 5 'slipped the ball under the crossbar after kicking from a great distance. The Gialloblù try to react and the game becomes very physical, as all the girls on the green rectangle fight on each ball. At the 27 'Carraro tries the magic: the goalkeeper of the Vittorio Veneto is out of the posts and try from far away, but the goalkeeper manages to recover the position and block the ball. After only three minutes is Dal Molin looking for a draw, with another shot from outside the area that comes out slightly. At the 38 'Olivieri, with an intervention by applause, avoids that the Vittorio Veneto doubles by rejecting a powerful shot near the small area. After 5 'minutes of recovery the referee whistles the end of the game: the Vittorio Veneto wins, but the Gialloblù do not desertion.

Fortitudo Mozzecane vs Vittorio Veneto 0-1

Fortitudo Mozzecane: Olivieri, Fasoli (45 'st Malvezzi), Mele C., Lords (37' st Mele A.), Caliari, Salaorni, Pecchini (22 'st Dal Molin), Peretti, Martani (12' st Carraro), Piovani, Gelmetti.
Available: Venturini, Malvezzi, Carraro, Dal Molin, Caneo, Mele A.
Coach: Simone Bragantini.

Vittorio Veneto: Reginato, Da Ros, Virgili, Dal Pozzolo, Tonon, Tommasella, Mantoani, Foltran (34 'St Zanella), Piai, Ponte (24' St Coghetto), Zanon (48 'St Mella).
Available: Rapacz, Mella, Zanella, Sovilla, Coghetto, Modolo.
Coach: De Biasi.

Referee: Faccini (Parma).
Assistants: Vinco and Marcomini (Verona)

Networks: 5 'st Piai.

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Graziano Zanetti Photographer
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