Wednesday, 29 January 2020
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Sara Bottigliero, Angela Mele and Chiara Mele, the «little ones» of Fortitudo at the beginning

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During the first round of the Italian Cup, played against Agsm Verona, Fortitudo Mozzecane officially made three first-team players from the Primavera team open: Sara Bottigliero, offensive midfielder, striker Angela Mele and defender Chiara Mele, all three 2002 class. From their words you can well understand the excitement, and sometimes even the excitement, to dress for the first time the shirt of the first team and share the field and dressing room with bigger and more experienced players.

Sara Bottigliero said: "The transition from Spring was a huge emotion, a great jump. I did not expect to play with the militant team in Serie B, nor to start from the holder against a team of Serie A. It was not just a satisfaction for me, but also for my parents. Of course I was not at ease at first and I was afraid of making mistakes, but then I concentrated on the game and I started to feel more comfortable. As for my companions I can say that I have a good relationship with them: I am a little shy of nature but they welcomed me well and gave me important advice both during training and during the match; now I feel comfortable with them, I like training with them and I expect that we will have a good championship ».

Happiness, emotion and a bit of initial fear also emerge from the words of Angela Mele: "It was not easy to adapt: ​​I played in the Beginners, then last season in the Primavera and this year I went to the first team. Initially I found myself a little confused because the workouts are harder and requires more seriousness and professionalism. I was very excited before the Italian Cup match and I was afraid of making mistakes, even though I think it's normal. I was disappointed by the result but I had fun and I found myself in the field with my companions. I have to thank all the girls, especially the most expert like Martina Gelmetti, Zoe Caneo, Captain Salaorni and Silvia Carraro, who help me during the phases of the game telling me how to position myself in the field and stimulate me to do better. A dream of mine? Dress the national team ».

In the field, close to Angela, was his sister Chiara: "On the first day I was quite confused: there were difficult training sessions and new exercises compared to those I did in the Beginners and in the Spring. Despite this the environment is serene, my companions always give me suggestions, they scold me when I'm wrong, rightly, and they stimulate me to always have grit, as for example Martina Gelmetti, Francesca Signori and my captain Salaorni. They are players of experience from which you can learn a lot. When it came time to debut in the Italian Cup and I heard the coach Simone Bragantini mention my name in the training I trembled, but in the field I recovered and I tried to give my best. Now I'm here, I've improved and I keep doing it: I want to play in Serie A in the future ».

Riccardo Cannavaro
Photo: Pierangelo Gatto Photo
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