Friday, September 20 2019
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Great news and a great desire to amaze: presented the Azalea team

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The 2017 / 2018 football season has officially begun for the Azalean team: the team's presentation, which took place on Wednesday 19 on July, opened the dances with lots of news both on and off the football field.
The new coach, who inherits the role of Luca Gerbino in the difficult task of leading the team who has shown on several occasions to have great potential and a considerable number of talents, has been presented in the Gallarese seat, both among young promises and between the most consolidated players.

The new coach in charge is therefore Enzo Vizza, a coach with a long experience both in men and women: "I'm very happy to be here, I decided to go back to coaching a company [after the representative experience, ed] where you can compare in the week, where you can work hard and have fun, "he said before the management and the players, after having congratulated the young girls of the Azalea for the victory of the San Marino Cup, obtained a few days before and exhibited in front of everyone during the presentation, Mr. Vizza has also recalled the common will: "The company wants to get among the first 3 in the standings," said the management rossoblu shortly before, then reiterated by the new coach.This fact will be the only way for the militant teams in the series B to maintain the category also in the next season, and not "back down" in what will be the new inter-regional C Series, according to the said of sports regulations.

After the presentation of the new coach then the moment of officiality has arrived regarding the players: they have been announced the new purchases of the summer transfer session of the Azaleas, who will have available in the rose for the incipient season several new players coming mostly from Como 2000 and Milan Ladies. In fact, the players reconfirmed last year, including captain Czeczka and the top scorer De Luca, will be accompanied by the following players: Serena LaBanca and Greta Masciaga - from Milan Ladies - Cecilia Gino - from Sanmartinese - Erika Di Lascio and Ferrario Chiara - from Como 2000-.

Lucia Pirola

Lucia Pirola
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