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Camelia Ceasar, a talented young goalkeeper in Brescia, tells Calciodonne

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camellia ceaser
How did you become a soccer player and a goalkeeper?

"As a child I was very close to my cousins: we did a lot of things together, one of them was playing soccer, and when they decided to officially join a team, I started asking my parents if I could go too. father has a great passion for football, so he convinced my mother that she was against it, I became a goalkeeper because our arm had broken, with all the unconsciousness of a child I asked to go and the coach ever since he decided to let me play that role, so my midfielder career ended. "

You debuted in Serie A young: how was that adventure with the Turin shirt?
"I debuted at 14 years, it was an intense experience, we were a very young team, the most successful teams gave us real football lessons, I got to" learn to be in the world "right away, it was a year of revelation, made me realize how difficult it would be to compete with certain players and how nice it would have been to play together ".

That year, unfortunately, your team came last and relegated to Serie B. But you continued to stay in Serie A as noted by Brescia who chose you as second goalkeeper. At your first season in biancoblù you immediately won the Scudetto playing also several games from the holder. What differences are there in bringing in a top club like Brescia and that season and that trophy that emotions gave you?
"Luckily I was called from Brescia, but if I could go there it is thanks to my parents who gave me the opportunity to pursue my dream despite having only 15 years.The choice was: I stay in a lower team knowing I can play, or I go to a better team with the awareness of not playing? I chose Brescia because I had and I still need to grow, I owe a lot to the company for how it welcomed me, for this win the Scudetto the first year, playing most of the season as the holder after Marchitelli's injury, he filled me with joy.I had just 16 years, I had not done well what we had done, but now every time I think about it, I get shivery ".

Instead, tell your debut in the Champions League: what effect does playing an international competition?
"The memory of the Champions League debut is memorable: I remember that before going to play the game we had prepared with blankets and jackets to better cope with the cold, after half an hour the coach called me and told me to warm up. shortly after the Bonansea goal, it was essential to keep the result and I wanted to be ready for the team, playing an international match is much more difficult, but when you leave the field, you feel richer inside ".

The last double Champions match against Medyk Konin was 180 minutes at heart: in Poland ahead 1-3 you had to reassemble and overcome three goals in the last fifteen minutes losing 4-3, to the Rigamonti, on the contrary, you are go under 1-2 and then overturn everything and qualify with the final 3-2. You have experienced both races on the bench: talk about your feelings and the team in the progress of the double challenge!
"The passage of the round against Medik Konin gave me an immense joy, even if not experienced by the holder of the return was one of the best wins for me.We left with a wrong attitude, we did not enjoy our I play for many aspects, but I'm really proud of the steps we are taking, putting back such a result was not easy, especially on the 1-2 in our house. "My teammates in the field really did everything to recover the result, but also we on the bench have given everything to try to stay close to them.We just have to correct some things and become aware of what we can do for the future, this turn has shown so much ".

The Fortuna Hjørring is instead the team that will face the round of 16. Curious is the fact that it is the same eighth of final of last year, where you played in both races all 90 and minutes, where you won 1-0 at Rigamonti and equalized 89esimo in Denmark with goals scored by Lisa Boattin, today at Verona. What team is the Fortuna Hjørring and what kind of races do you expect?
"Surely the Fortuna Hjørring is less impossible to deal with than other teams like Wolfsburg and Lyon, but it will not be that simple, I expect a very tough race, they will be very motivated given the result of last year, but we too will be They are definitely two teams changed compared to the past, it will be nice to reconquer, but forgetting about what was done last year: this will be another match! ".

The Brescia year after year personally gives me the idea to be a building site in continuous expansion and improvement: what are your plans for the future to reduce the gap from top European clubs such as Wolfsburg and Olympique Lyon?
"In his small way the Brescia company is trying to make a lot of progress by making considerable sacrifices: I think that before we receive we need to give a lot and in this case our company is giving a lot to improve the future and slowly the results will come. For us, to try to get as close as possible to top clubs, we have to take mental steps forward, try to play every game with the same intensity: we are working hard for this ".

National Chapter: in April 2012 the coordinator of the national youth teams Corrado Corradini had called you for a meeting with the Italian National Under 17 but unfortunately you could not wear the shirt of the Azzurrine for a problem related to naturalization. After that the call of the National Under 19 of your country of origin has arrived, Romania, to which you have answered affirmatively. In a national senior perspective, if I had the opportunity to choose, now how would you play for Italy or Romania?
"I played in Romania's Under 19: it was an incredible experience that made me grow a lot, I was happy for the classmates I found, right now I chose not to answer the major's calls and to hurry up the most possible to obtain Italian citizenship, for the rest we will see! ".

Out of the green rectangle are you a girl always with a smile, cheerful and sunny, as you appear on social media and in interviews? Tell us about the Camelia Ceasar girl!
"I am a cheerful girl with a smile because everything I live with a lot of serenity, being part of this team is a fortune for me, I grew up with these friends, we are a really close-knit group Social and interviews: I start from the assumption that I always want being myself, I have never tried to force myself to do things that do not concern me, I say what I think is right, sometimes wrong and sometimes not, but I always start with the idea of ​​being myself, something fundamental for me ".

We have finished: you just have to invite all the readers to the Rigamonti for the match against the Fortuna Hjørring!
"The match against the Fortuna Hjørring is a must-see: it's a very difficult game that will put us further to the test, we expect many because when we enter the field and feel that people are there to play with us, we give triple of what we can give.You are fundamental, so do not miss it! ".

Thank you, Camelia, for this wonderful interview. You are a real person and it is a value of which unfortunately not everyone can boast. See you at the Rigamonti for the Champions ... and force Gnare!

Interview by Federico Scarso.

In the photo of Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella Camelia Ceasar in action in the quarter-final return of Champions League last year that saw the defeat 0-3 from Wolfsburg, which will then graduate European vice-champion.

Federico Scarso
Author: Federico ScarsoWebsite: #Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Italian football, Serie B and Serie A. He made his debut in the Champions League during the Brescia - Konin match



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