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President Carlino: "It seems that women in Naples do not have the same right as men to play football"

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pugs naples necklaceThe Neapolitan team forced to take the field without training. President Carlino: "It seems that women in Naples do not have the same right as men to play football"
A start of the season influenced by the case of Necklace and under the banner of bad luck for Napoli Carpisa Yamamay Women's Football. The team of the president Lello Carlino, led by the new coach Marco Mazziotti, has been overtaken in the first round of the Italian Cup by Roma XIV. A daring game, overturned in the second half by the capitoline, who reassembled from 3-0 to 3-4 thanks to the double expulsion of Di Marino and Schioppo among the Neapolitans.

What weighedHowever, it was also the lack of preparation, linked above all to the impossibility of using the field of the Collana stadium, both for training and for competitions. Napoli Carpisa Yamamay took to the field at Denza, not having yet any news on what will be the future of the official game at Vomero, also in view of the championship that will begin in the coming weeks.

"I have the impression that women in Naples do not have the same right to play football for men - explains Carlino -. We represent the city at the highest national level in women's football for several years yet we do not have a field on which to train and play. I am especially sorry for the girls, who make so many sacrifices with a thousand difficulties. We have won a tender of the Campania Region, together with other companies, for the management of the Collana stadium, which in recent years we have used paying a fee among the highest in Italy and investing hundreds of thousands of euros for ordinary maintenance and extraordinary, even when it was not our responsibility.

The Municipality of Naples does not want to release the structure, preventing us from carrying out all those jobs that would allow Neapolitan sportsmen to make a completely renovated and functional facility that welcomes thousands of sportsmen every day. If the situation will not be resolved soon we will also address the highest national sports authorities to ask that women's football in Naples can have the same rights as men ".

Naples, 30 August 2016

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