On Sunday, 18th September 2016
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Pink bari vs Pro San Bonifacio play-off

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The newly promoted Pink Bari has closed the regular season in the penultimate place with 16 points (equal merit with Ravenna Woman), with 19 networks active and well 53 those in the passive. The Pro San Bonifacio of trainer Castagnini has come first, dominating the gir. C to damage the Fortitudo Mozzecane (+ 7 advantage) with 72 points, 22 wins, 6 draws and two losses.

81 are the networks built, only 12 those suffered. The arrows in the arc of trainer D'Ermilio are the tips Annamaria Serturini with 6 markings, Romina Pinna to share 4, as well as count on a midfield experience with Piro and Rogazione. On the bank, San Bonifacio, attention to the 44 total seals of Yeboaa and Perobello and to the 13 of Cavallini.

Between the two play-offs scheduled, it should and could be the most balanced between Bari and San Bonifacio: the Pugliese has eliminated for 3-2 the fearsome Ravenna Woman, by virtue of the networks of Piro (from eleven meters), Parascandolo and Manno, while the Pro San Bonifacio, in the match against the Orobica had gone ahead with Yeboaa, has been reassembled by Luana Merli, and then capitulate only on penalties. For the Veronese, fatal errors from the disk of Casarotto and Cavallini.

Probable formations

April, Ceci, Marrone, Novellino, Soro, Santoro, Vivirito, Piro, Parascandolo, Manno, Serturini (Pinna). All. D'Ermilio

Toniolo, Galvan, Meneghetti, Baldo, Sossella, Casarotto, Yeboaa, Piovani, Cavallini, Perobello. All. Dalla Pozza

The match will be held on Sunday 27 May at 16.00 at the "Belletti" stadium in Porto Sant'Elpidio.

Prediction X

Maurizio Stabile
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