Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Derby still bitter. Brescia wins in comeback.

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networks: Monterubbiano (AM) at 7, Girelli (B) on penalty at 32 'and Giacinti (B) at 35' st

ATALANTA (4-3-3): THALMANN; MOTTA, PIACEZZI, LEDRI, RIZZA; STRACCHI, RE, ALBORGHETTI; MONTERUBBIANO (from 38 'ST SCARPELLINI), MENDES, PIRONE. All. Elio Garavaglia. Available: Salvi, Scarpellini, Pellegrinelli, Baldi, Rizzon, Fusar Poli.

BRESCIA (3-5-2): CEASAR; PETTENUZZO (from 25 'st DI CRISCIO), FUSETTI, HENDRIX; SIKORA, TOMASELLI (from 1 'ST SABATINO), GIUGLIANO, DALESZCZYK, HEROUM (from 1' ST BERGAMASCHI); GIACINTI, GIRELLI. All. Gianpiero Piovani. Available: Zanzi, Bocchi, Di Criscio, Bergamaschi, Sabatino, Cacciamali, Ghisi.

Referee: Aleksandar Djudjevic of Trieste. Assistants: Rotaru of Crema and Ameruoso of Milan.

Note: Sunny day, pleasant temperature. Ammonita: Sikora (B) at 44 'st and Pirone (AM) at 47' st Ceasar gives a penalty to Alborghetti at 10 'st Recovery: 0' + 3 '.

The Brescia wins in a comeback at the Municipal Theater in Via Aldo Moro, after a flash of the revival Valeria Monterubbiano had inflamed the stands of the Bergamo gambling establishment, deluding the Nerazzurri people. Daniela Stracchi and companions had gone very close to give a wonderful success to their fans, but unfortunately between realizing a dream and see it go too often in smoke we pass a thin border line. The episodes decide a balanced challenge, where single errors penalize once again the work of the Nerazzurri.

The sun shines today in Mozzanica to greet the protagonists of the first seasonal derby between Goddess and Leonessa. Brescia arrives at the Comunale with an unprecedented training. Mister Piovani precariously leaves the climbers Di Criscio, Sabatino and Bergamaschi on the bench, while the Portuguese Monica Mendes loses in extremis. Forward is the great former Valentina Giacinti who is partnering with Cristiana Girelli. Elio Garavaglia must also revise the eleven compared to the trip to Reggio Emilia: Rizzon and Fusar Poli are not at their best and the Milanese coach ranks Rizza and Monterubbiano from the first minute, then proposing the trident forward with the former Jesina, Pirone and Carolina Mendes.

After only 40 seconds Giacinti becomes dangerous in the area, but his right is rejected by Thalmann. Stracchi tries the volley at the 6 'but the shot is sky-high. In the first half the race is very tactical. the Brescia has more the ball of the game, but fails to break through the attentive backguard Bergamo. Actions worthy of note are counted with the fingers of one hand. Monterubbiano at 26 'fails to give strength to the right, while Girelli head two minutes later misses the target, imitated later by Hendrix on a corner. In the final minutes Pirone imbeces Mendes, but Ceasar comes out promptly and makes the ball his own. Brescia ends the first half in attack, but without much concern Thalmann.

Mister Piovani wants to shake the race and shuffle the cards: Sabatino and Bergamaschi take the place of Tomaselli and Heroum. But the plans of the technician of Brescia should be immediately reviewed because at the 7 'Monterubbiano, caught in the area by Pirone, comes in front of the guest goalkeeper and surpasses him with a soft lob, blowing up the Municipal. Three minutes later the hosts have the opportunity to kill the game: Pirone obtains a penalty that Lisa Alborghetti takes charge of transforming. But the execution of the ex-swallow is not the best and Ceasar understands its trajectory, thus keeping the visiting team on its feet. Recharged by the prowess of their goalkeeper, the biancazzurre start again attacking going close to the target first with Girelli head and then with a spectacular turn to Giacinti's flight, on assists of the same no. 10 Brescia. Pirone tries to fool Mendes, but Ceasar goes out and makes the ball his own. At half an hour the race takes a turn: Giacinti falls in the area and the referee indicates the disk between the protests of Bergamo. Cristiana Girelli from the undicimeters is not overcome by emotion and places the ball next to the post to the left of Thalmann. The helpless keeper two minutes later must repel Daleszczyk's bolide from a distance, but the joke is not yet completely consumed. Here then Giuliano launch in Giacinti area that from a secluded position finds time and space to evade the return of Rizza and deceive Thalmann slipping it on his pole. The Panzer of Val Cavallina gives Brescia the advantage without exulting. Always Giacinti at 38 'tries again, but this time the local defender is not surprising and two first later, on the perfect assist Sabatino seeks the solution before, lacking the target dramatically. Stremate, the landlords are able to build a good opportunity in the end anyway, with Pirone who is strong on the right and puts in the middle for Re, whose left however is too weak to create problems for Ceasar. After three minutes of recovery the referee decrees the end of hostilities. The usual generous and combative Atalanta leaves on the field the whole mail to the hungry lioness who can smile and resume the run-up to the elusive Juventus zebra.


Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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