Saturday, 25 January 2020
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A bitter end for Ravenna Woman, beaten 2-1 in Verona by a goal in the final

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It is a bitter end game that condemns Ravenna Woman to the defeat for 2-1 on the Chievo Verona field. At the end of a balanced game and played openly by both teams, the decisive goal signed by the substitute Debora Mascanzoni five minutes from the 90 'in fact allows the owners to win the three points. Despite excellent performance, the technical girls Balacich and Rizzo then return home with a defeat, and are now awaited by the prohibitive and fascinating home match next week against unbeaten Juventus leaders.

First half. At the beginning both teams are shown both immediately intent on imposing their game. Ravenna tries to become dangerous on the counterattack, but is often inaccurate in the last step. The landlords manage to be more dangerous and already at the 5 'Guidi saves on the line on a corner. The Ravenna goalkeeper repeats to 22 ', still on the developments of a placed, when after a beat and replies, he rejects the confident shot of Mason. It is the prelude to Chievo's advantage, which at the 27 'finds an excellent corridor on the right wing with Boni, who serves the center with a perfect assist for Solow who places a left-hand bag. The Ravenna tries to react and pushes forward in search of a draw, which arrives at 38 'thanks to the penalty won by Baldini with an excellent percussion and transformed by Errico displacing the opposing goalkeeper. The teams return to the locker room with the game in balance, both in the game and in the score.

Second half. After the interval it is still the Ravenna to be more proactive and to be seen forward already in the first minutes with Errico and Carrozzi. The landlords suffer in midfield, but they become dangerous on the counterattack and at the 68 'Guidi must save on exit on Mason launched on the net. The teams stretch out looking for the right trick to bring home the game, but both goalkeepers keep watch. 84 'Boni has a good opportunity and kicking powerfully but without finding the door, but the joke for Ravenna comes a minute later, when Boni just begs in the center area Debora Mascanzoni, who beats Guidi with a precise diagonal. The guests, who in the second half had legitimized the draw, can not recover from the psychological blow and, despite the 4 'recovery, they can no longer make themselves dangerous, returning home from Verona with a burning defeat.

The little table

Chievo Verona: Gritti, Faccioli (30 'Fuselli), Zamarra, Carradore, Mascanzoni from., Riboldi, Solow, Tombola (60' Sardu), Benincaso (45 'Mascanzone De.), Boni, Mason. A disp .: Visentini, Salamon, Varriale, Montefuoco. All .: Zuccher.

Ravenna Woman: Guidi, Quadrelli (62 'Costantino), Manieri, Tucceri Cimini, Casadio, Campesi, Errico, Carriages, Baldini (78' Barbaresi), Daggers, Pittaccio (70 'Muratori). Available: Tampieri, Cuciniello, Alunno, Burbassi. All .: Balacich-Rizzo.

Networks: 27 'Solow, 38' Errico (R), 85 'Mascanzone De.

Ammonites: Errico (30 ').

Referee: Davide Fera di Gallarate

Ravenna W. Press Office

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