Friday, January 24 2020
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Tavagnacco continues to win: 2 at 0 at Verona

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At the Comunale di via Tolmezzo victory of the Friulians thanks to the networks of Clelland and Camporese
Third home victory for Tavagnacco, which also exceeds the Agsm Verona. 2 0 the final score thanks to the usual Clelland networks, which rises to 11 in the ranking of the gunners, and Camporese. The Friulians thus reach the 19 points in the standings by 'blind' the third place.

The Tavagnacco strong side, deployed with front wheel drive by Mr. Cassia with Clelland, Polli and Brumana in the field from the first minute. At the 3 'Polli is already present from the parts of Lemey, and starts a conclusion from the heart of the area, but the aim is not that of the best days. At 7 'blow of Mella from the edge of the area with the shot that is walled up by the defense. 8 'good opportunity for Clelland: the Scottish part on the offside and is face to face with Lemey, but the extreme defender Scaliger is good at neutralizing the action goal. At the 13 'touches to Brumana look for the net of the advantage, but the captain hits the fly badly and the ball ends high. At 18 'you can see the Verona forward with Kongouli who takes advantage of a' sleep 'of the Gialloblu defense to be alone in front of Ferroli, which is passed and para. At the 29 'Polli tries to deflect the flight on Mascarello's assist, but the Tavagnacco striker misses the hook. The net of the advantage is in the air and arrives a minute later, at the 30 ', with the bomber Clelland that enters the area from the right, resists the charges of the opponents and is playing an unbeatable blow for Lemey. The Tavagnacco with stops to attack and the 33 'touches Catena to try, but the shot, but the conclusion is to be forgotten. At 42 'attempt Mascarell0 on free-kick, with the ball that ends above the crossbar. At the 43 'there is still time for a counterattack by Clelland, but in this case Lemey is able to close the mirror of the door.

The recovery opens with the Tavagnacco that continues to push, even if with the passing of the minutes is Verona to grow, perhaps taking advantage of a bit 'of fatigue of Friuli. At the 15 'Kongouli no big claims. On the opposite inversion attempts the conclusion from the Chain distance, but without luck. At 20 'great action of 20 gialloblu that goes into the area from the left, misses an opponent and crosses for Clelland but is made to wall up the conclusion. At 25 'free kick for Tavagnacco. Brumana takes the bar and hits the crossbar. At the 38 'always the captain flies on the right wing, crossed for Camporese that is anticipated by a good position. At 40 'Verona remains in ten for the expulsion of Lipman who lands Brumana launched to the net after recovering the ball. At the 45 'an opportunity wasted by Clelland on assists of Catena vanifica kicking against Lemey. At the third minute of recovery, Camporese uses a scrum in the area to put the foot and score.
Tavagnacco will return to the field on Wednesday in the Italian Cup hosting the Unterland Damen at home and Saturday in the Championship in Verona against Chievo.

MARKING: 30 'pt Clelland, 48' st Camporese

UPC TAVAGNACCO: Ferroli, Martinelli, Frizza, Mella, Brumana, Tuttino, Clelland, Polli (Erzen), Catena (Cecotti), Mascarello, Camporese. All. Cassia
AGSM VERONA :. Lemey, Lipman, Hill, Bardin, Thorvaldsdottir, Kongouli, Fishley (Giubilato), Nichele, Ambrosi, Peare (Osetta), Hannula (Soffia). All.Longega
REFEREE: Pileggi di Bergamo

NOTES: ammonite Bardin, Soffia and Brumana, expelled Lipman
SPECTATORS: about 300

UPC Tavagnacco press office
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