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Fimauto Valpolicella, suffers, fights and, in the end, wins the umpteenth challenge of salvation

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Against a very good Ravenna, perhaps among the best teams seen this year at the Stadio Oilvieri, 2-1 ends for the Gialloblu, at the end of a hard fought match. Three points that project the Valpo back to the 4 ° placed in the standings.
The first emotion of the match arrives at the 5 ': corner kick beaten by Boni, ball to Mason who kicks out of the pot; Guidi before you miss the ball but then is good at recovering at the last moment, a few inches from the goal line.

Still Mason at 9 ', cued by Tombola, we head, but the ball ends high above the crossbar.
The Ravenna is not watching and throwing forward with great determination, putting in yellowblue area some dangerous balls, but did not worry Gritti.
The Valpo suffers the dynamism of the host formation that on several occasions starts again quickly forcing the Gialloblu defense to recover
Very occasional for Valpo at 22 ': on the developments of a punishment beaten by Boni, Carradore turns the head to the center for the oncoming Mason that hits a safe shot but Guidi is overcome deviating by instinct.
At the 27 'Valpolicella took the lead with Solow who, on assists to the kiss of Boni from the right wing, kicked the flat flight and put the ball at the edge of the post.
At the 30 'first mister Zuccher sends field Fuselli instead of Faccioli.
At 31 'Ravenna shot from outside the area with Campesi but the ball ends very high.
At the 33 'first warning of the match made to Errico for a foul on Boni.
Still dangerous at the 36 Ravenna with Baldini that puts in the center a tricky ball, well controlled by Gritti low output.
At 38 'penalty for Ravenna for foul on a wild Baldini: Errico displaces Gritti and 1-1, result in which ends the first fraction of the game
He resumed playing and Ravenna immediately dangerous with Errico, who, from an excellent position, shoots into the arms of Gritti.
Still Ravenna at 3 'with Carrozzi that exceeds Gritti output but loses the moment to beat the net and the action fades with a high shot of Errico.
The game is played with great determination on both sides, with a Ravenna that is appreciated for greater management of the ball while the Valpolicella suffers especially in midfield, where it is often outnumbered.
At 14 'Gritti returns to the body of a striker of Ravenna, with the ball ends on the outside of the net.
At the 23 'Mason launched at the network is stopped by a perfect exit of Guidi.
Ravenna counterattack the 28 'but Gritti is a good guard, imitated shortly after by colleague Guidi that blocks a shot from outside the area of ​​Sardu.
Gritti decisive at the 30 'out on Errico, launches only on the break.
And 'the competitive spirit to be the master at this stage of the game, with the two teams that still do not spare the search for the winning goal.
At 39 'Boni receives a ball from Sardu, is focused and lets go a torpedo that comes out just above the crossbar.
A minute passes and comes the goal of the new advantage of Valpo with Debora Mascanzoni, served in the center area by a millimeter assists of Boni, beats Guidi with a precise diagonal pole.
The Ravenna throws itself forward with the strength of desperation in search of a draw but, after 4 'recovery, the result does not change: the Valpo wins 2-1 and incamera three other heavy points in optics salvation.
Next commitment for Boni and companions, Saturday 16 December, always at Olivieri Stadium in Via Sogare, against Tavagnacco.

Fimauto Valpolicella-Ravenna Woman: 2-1- (1-1)
Networks: 27 'Solow (FV), 38' Errico rig. (Ra), 40 'st Mascanzoni De.

Fimauto Valpolicella: 1 Gritti, 2 Riboldi, 4 Solow, 6 Zamarra, 8 Carradore, 10 Boni, 11 Tombola (15 'st Sardu), 17 Benincaso (1' st Mascanzoni De.), 19 Mason, 21 Mascanzoni Da., 23 Faccioli (29 'pt Fuselli)
Available: 26 Vesentini, 3 Varriale, 5 Salamon, 7 Mascanzoni De. 9 Fuselli, 18 Montecucco, 77 Sardu
Coach: Diego Zuccher

Ravenna Woman: 24 Guidi, 6 Carrozzi, 7 Baldini (33 'St Barbaresi), 8 Daggers, 11 Pittaccio (25' st Muratori), 16 Casadio, 18 Campesi, 21 Manieri, 22 Errico, 23 Quadrelli, (17 'st Costantino) 27 Tucceri ,
Available: 1 Tampieri, 3 Student, 4 Masons, 5 Costanitno, 9 Cuciniello, 14 Burbassi, 92 Barbaresi
Coach: Balacich-Rizzo
Referee: Mr. Fera di Gallarate
Ammonite: Errico (Ra)

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