Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Agsm Verona defeated at Tavagnacco

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The scaligere succumb to the Friulians. Kongouli eats the goal on zero to zero, Lipman is expelled in the final.
Tavagnacco and Agsm Verona face each other in the Friuli region in the match that represents a classic of Italian women's football. The scaligere are on the field of the third force of the championship with many problems of staff: off Agrimdottir, Pasini and Poli with Captain Soffia on the bench and Thorvaldsdottir in the field cornered.

Veronese in the field with the classic yellow-blue striped uniform, Udinese in yellow suit.
The first conclusion after three minutes of play is the Friulian with Elisa Polli that does not frame the door.
At the eighth Clelland starts in suspect out of the game and comes in front of Lemey providentially rejecting the conclusion of the top scorer in the championship.
Brumana, favored by a deviation, is free to kick in the area but sends badly to the side.
At the 18 'Verona is eaten a goal already made: Fishley percussion that leaves the very sunny Kongouli; the Greek forward in front of Copetti has plenty of time to control but he shoots directly at the goalkeeper.
At half an hour the Scot Clelland, moved to the right, penetrates the area avoiding the mark of Peare and place a diagonal on the far post bringing the Friulians ahead.
Before Lemey's miracle rest closes the gate on the conclusion of bomber Clelland.
The first fraction ends with the timid attempt of the scaligere who fall in the locker room under a network.
The recovery opens with a more proactive Agsm Verona, even if you have to wait for the 14 'for Kongouli's unsuccessful attempt.
The Tavagnacco becomes dangerous at 25 'on a free kick from Brumana that catches the crossbar.
Mister Longega made all three substitutions within five minutes in an attempt to change the inertia of the match. Inside Jubilation, Soffia and Osetta.
At 40 'Verona in ten: Lipman intervenes on Brumana, a foul judged by the last player by the race director who draws the red card.
In the Cesarini Lemey area still important on Clelland.
With plenty of time lapsed the Tavagnacco closes the match with the doubling signed by Camporese mocking Lemey from two steps on the developments of a corner.
The Friulians won the race for two nets at zero on a Verona rimmed that will have to immediately regain the physical and mental energies. Wednesday there is the Italian Cup derby and Saturday the long trip to the Bari field.

Networks: Pt. 30 'Clelland, st. 48 'Camporese.

Tavagnacco: Ferroli, Martinelli, Frizza, Mella, Brumana, Tuttino, Clelland, Chickens (33 'pt Erzen), Catena (47' St Cecotti), Mascarello, Camporese.
Available: Copetti, Cecotti, Erzen, Veritti, Cotrar, Blarzino, Benedetti.
Coach: Amedeo Cassia.
Agsm Verona: Lemey, Lipman, Bardin, Thorvaldsdottir, Kongouli, Fishley (26 'St. Jubilee), Nichele, Ambrosi, Peare (32' St. Osetta), Hannula (26 'St. Blows).
Available: Buhigas, Soffia, Osetta, Giubilato, Esquilli, Tiberio
Coach: Renato Longega.
Referee: Luca Pileggi of Bergamo.
Assistants: Alberto Beltrame and Thomas Cesarin.
Notes: Cold but sunny day, terrain in fair condition. Ammonite Bardin, Soffia, Brumana. Expelled Lipman at the 40 'st. for the last player's foul.
Tavagnacco (Udine).

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