Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Network: Pirone at the 6 'pt

Res Rome (4-2-3-1): PIPITONE; CICCOTTI, LOMMI (from 28 'st SAVINI), FRACASSI, LABATE; PICCHI, SIMONETTI; GREGGI, NAGNI, PALOMBI (from 25 'st ROMANZI); MARTINOVIC. All. Fabio Melillo. Available: Parnoffi, Chiappa, Liberati and Colini.

Atalanta Mozzanica (4-3-3): THALMANN; RIZZA, LEDRI, PIACEZZI, MOTTA; SCARPELLINI, STRACCHI, ALBORGHETTI; PELLEGRINELLI (from 28 'st RE), PIRONE, MONTERUBBIANO (from 18' st BALDI). All. Elio Garavaglia. Available: Salvi and Fusar Poli.

Referee: Stefania Menicucci of Lanciano. Assistants: Federica Ciufoli of Albano Laziale and Christian D'Onofrio of Ciampino.

Note: hot and sunny day. Synthetic grass field. Present a hundred spectators. 1 '+ 3' recovery.

The Atalanta returns from Rome with the first three points of this season, answering in the best way to the doubts raised after the first two disappointing races against Juventus and Tavagnacco. The victory matures at the end of a race of great character and sacrifice and at the end the points up for grabs weigh as much as gold, considering that the reaction from Bergamo arrives right on that field where the Nerazzurri were always defeated and unable to ever violate the opponent's goal . Today, however, the network has arrived, thanks to the former member of the Valeria Pirone, who has thus directed the race on the right tracks after a few minutes, to crown a commendable performance.

Mister Garavaglia lost on the eve of the match Giulia Rizzon and had to revise the back line, setting Ledri in the middle with Piacezzi and Motta and Rizza on the wings. On the Giallorossi side, the Melillo coach recovers the disqualified Ciccotti, but not Coluccini and in front of him entrusts his Martinboa center, supported by Greggi, Nagni and Palombi. The boot smiles in Bergamo: it is the 6 'when from the three quarters a ball spiove on the second pole where the no. 11 nerazzurra is ready to be found, turning left first intention behind Pipitone. Goal without exultation, as a sign of respect for the shirt dressed in the 2014-'15 season. The capitoline could draw after a few minutes, but Martinovic in the middle of the area is providentially anticipated by Motta. The landlords accuse the blow and struggled for a good half hour to recover. At the 24 'the turn of Pirone is high above the crossbar, while at 32' Nagni tries at the end of an insidious choral action of the Giallorossi, but Thalmann blocks without problems. The race becomes increasingly fought against the white weapon and makes the Monterubbiano expenses that at 33 'is hit hard by an adversary and is forced to continue with a striking bandage. Atalanta tries to become dangerous on the counterattack, but Pellegrinelli and Pirone do not find the decisive inspiration.

In the second half the local enter the field more determined and after only five first go close to the draw with Simonetti who, directly from the placed football, chips the upper part of the crossbar. Still Pellegrinelli first and then Pirone are shown in the yellow and red area, but Pipitone always responds "present". Fifteen minutes it is Labate to become dangerous from parts of the Helvetic Swiss Bergamo, without finding the big target. Mister Garavaglia then decides to take a breath away Monterubbiano exhausted and sends into the field Baldi. At the 25 'Pirone is the protagonist of a beautiful gesture, when on a corner assigned to the guests goes to Mrs. Menicucci Lanciano and mimes having touched her last ball, thus delivering in practice the throw-in from the back to the premises. At half an hour the bergamasche touch the doubling with Piacezzi that in the middle of the area sends nothing beyond the mirror, imitated a little later by Nagni on the other front. The Nerazzur coach sends King Pellegrinelli in the field to raise the palisades and the guests are able to control the final forcing of the landlords. On the punishment of Nagni that goes out against the barrier of Bergamo ends the contest in practice. The Atalanta wins its first victory in this championship, reaching the team of Fabio Melillo in the standings and overtaking in one stroke Ravenna, Empoli, Bari and Sassuolo. It was an important test that Mr. Garavaglia and crew overcame with full marks and that can turn into the green light for the start of the real league of the Nerazzurri.


Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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