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The point of the diesse Fausto Lorenzini "We have to settle down, but we have not even been lucky"

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The stop of the championship is the right time to make a first assessment together with the sports director Fausto Lorenzini who analyzes the first 180 minutes played so far from Ravenna. The numbers of the red and white team are mixed: on the one hand two good performances, first against Empoli, then against the quoted Verona, but on the other a punticino arrived with so much regret in Tuscany with the blue team that reached Ravenna plenty of time expired.

Then there is the knockout against the scaligere: a defeat that has put in evidence some amnesia too, but at the same time showed a willing and never duo Ravenna.
"Obviously we must keep our nerves - explains Fausto Lorenzini - because the beginning is not the best with these nuanced points at the end of two very hard-fought games.The ones with Empoli probably weigh more because the game had come to an end.

Against Verona weighs as it has developed, but we know we have some defections with players who can not play for various vicissitudes. "Beyond the absences, the analysis of Lorenzini continues with the game expressed by the team, which certainly represents On a positive note, "We do good things even if we still have to know each other. The early times have always been very positive, while the seconds unconvincing, but I think it is a problem of adjustment and you will have to wait to have the full team to evaluate, the accounts will definitely be done at the end, but I would say that from the fifth day we will nevertheless be settled ".

The analysis then moves on the individual games played. "The two matches tell different situations: in Empoli there was a drop in which the home team crushed us - with the Verona - continues Lorenzini - in the first 10 'of the second half the team was not in the field and in this situation was wrong, there is good - explains the diesse - that against Verona we managed to return to the game despite two goals conceded and this confirms that the base team is there and fights, but right now there is also a bit of luck and in a game of situations like football it makes itself felt If, for example - hypothesize - against Verona we were able to realize one of the many situations created in the first half, doubling the game would certainly changed. "

In the middle of all this, however, there is a new path undertaken by Ravenna, which in the home game against Verona debuted in front of its audience the hymn and mascot Juara. "This is our new way of thinking: bring visibility and develop a new way of doing football in the feminine, giving impetus to a series of initiatives for which the sponsor Family Hotels Italia has supported us and I must say that these things have received a great success.Of course - he continues - now these beautiful initiatives must also be supported by the positive results of the team, but I am proud of the path we are taking ".

Lorenzini is also happy and proud of the journey of the Primavera team of Marinella Piolanti, who achieved great results in these first league matches. "Our way of conceiving football is this: the initiatives are meant to give us visibility and to have a base of young female players both spring and under 12, which is why we are doing motor projects within schools. - explains Lorenzini - must do it at the base and we do our own for the city of Ravenna and its district: we have just started and we are working in. Spring - the sports director concludes - is the expression of what started a few years ago ago and now we are doing it with even more means and quality and I expect that the results of the young for this reason will continue to grow ".

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